Premiere date and more details of the telenovela “The ambassador’s daughter” by Nova

Continuing with the successful Turkish productions that have become a sensation in Spain, a new telenovela entitled “The Ambassador’s Daughter” will arrive on the Nova channel this weekend. The Ottoman drama stars actors Engin Akyürek and Neslihan Atagül. Learn more about this ambitious production.

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Recorded on the shores of the Aegean Sea, in the Mugla region, as well as in cities such as Istanbul, Montenegro and Bodrum, the soap opera “The Ambassador’s Daughter” (“Sefirin Kızı”, in its original language) has become one of the most important in Latin American countries and the United States.

“The ambassador’s daughter” will be premiered in Nova. (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)

The drama premiered in Turkey on December 16, 2019 on the Star TV channel. Since this production could be seen on the screen, it achieved a success never before seen in Ottoman dramas in a few weeks.

Neslihan Atagul She is remembered for having played the character of Nihan in the telenovela “Eternal love“, While Engine Akyurek gained great popularity by being part of the famous telenovela “Fatmagül”.


The soap opera “The Ambassador’s Daughter” will be released on Saturday, January 29 through the signal of Not going.

This Ottoman hit will replace the soap opera “Hercai” that had great levels of tuning and that became one of the favorites of the public every Saturday; however, she will now enter her home stretch.

Engin Akyürek, protagonist of

Engin Akyürek, protagonist of “The Ambassador’s Daughter”. (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)


As reported by the website of Not goingthe soap opera “The Ambassador’s Daughter” can be seen from 10:00 p.m. (local time) to 11:25 p.m. (local time).

Then you can also see “Hercai” in his last episodes that conquered thousands of fans.

One of the scenes from

One of the scenes from “The Ambassador’s Daughter”. (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)


A girl called Melek He arrives at his living room and finds a dead man. Meanwhile, his mother narecleans the blood from his clothes and decides to put the knife together with the rest of the things in a garbage bag.

After that, nare She decides to go with her daughter to her old home, the one she left several years ago. The woman has the need to find the father of Melek and to protect her if she is sent to prison for the crime she committed.

nare He goes in search of his father, the ambassador, but hands one of his bodyguards the bag with the objects of the crime committed and asks him to hand it over to his father.

Neslihan Atagül plays Nare in “The Ambassador's Daughter”.  (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)

Neslihan Atagül plays Nare in “The Ambassador’s Daughter”. (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)

On the other hand, Sancar he is ready to marry Menekse, even though he has no feelings for her, because he is interested in Nare whom he has not seen for many years when he left the town.

After getting married and performing the traditional dance, Sancar sees Nare in front of his eyes. As Efeoglu leads Menkse into the bedroom, the married man joins Nare in another bedroom.

Why have you come back into my life? You hurt me a lot to think now of welcoming you with open armsSancar says.

His name is Melek and we need your help, please”Nare replies.

Sancar does not believe in that story and asks nare let him go “The only boys and girls I will have will be with my wife, the one who is waiting for me in the room”, says the man.


“The Ambassador’s Daughter” tells the story of Nare (Atagül), the beautiful daughter of an ambassador who falls in love with Sancar, the son of a humble carpenter, since she was a child. Nare and Sancar have known each other since they were children, but they realize that their love is impossible because Nare’s father is against their being together.

Despite her father’s opposition, they both make the decision to get married in secret, but just the night of their wedding, Nare disappears. He believes that she ran away in repentance, but it was really her father who was responsible for it.

Years later, the young people find themselves again in very different life situations. Sancar is a millionaire man and he is preparing his wedding with another girl. At this time, there is a debate between true love that does not disappear with time and resentment and new obligations.

Engin Akyürek in

Engin Akyürek in “The Ambassador’s Daughter”. (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)