Premiere of Univision’s ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ hits Telemundo’s ‘Así Se Baila’

Premiere of Univision’s ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ hits Telemundo’s ‘Así Se Baila’

The war for the crown of family Sundays has begun and is burning. Univision premiered the new season of “Our Latin Beauty”And things have started in a wonderful way as he took the crown from the audience.

The public was overwhelming on the night of Sunday, September 26, and chose to watch NBL, a program that obtained the highest primetime audience. There were 1.3 million who tuned in to the reality show that is hosted by Alejandra Espinoza. The most important thing was that in the segment of adults between 18 and 49 years of age, the most important for advertisers, it also broke it in an impressive way, marking 518 thousand.

Telemundo competed head-on with NBL with the dance competition of “This is how you dance”Where several famous couples show their best steps. Despite having the advantage of premiering before, the audience was simply not there. In his average of 2 hours he scored 793 thousand in total and 242 thousand in the demo.

After NBL’s debut, Univision has “Sal y Pimienta” that serves as the after show for the reality show. That same night the program hosted by Lourdes stephen and Jomari goyso it achieved 1 million viewers in total and 378,000 in the demo.

Telemundo has its own version of “Sal y Pimienta” that it titled “El Colador” that had half the audience, totaling 621,000 and 191,000 in the demo. The latter is driven by Aylin mujica and Rodner Figueroa, which, as you may well remember, was the one who started the concept of “Sal y Pimienta” at Univision.


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