Prevén lasts January cost in Yucatán

The academic from the Faculty of Economics of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (Uady), Gabriel Rodríguez Cedillo, foresees a difficult January cost in Yucatan.

The specialist stated that Mexico live a high cost inflation, as well as high demand for goods and services and a consumer euphoria encouraged by the economic recovery.

According to the academic, inflation remains at 7.37% with a view to increasing to 8% at the end of the yearWith the highest inflation in the last 20 years, however, the most worrying thing is that when prices rise due to the effects of inflation, it is very difficult for them to fall again.

Prices go up due to inflation and are unlikely to go down again. They recommend maximizing wellness at low cost.

This effect ends up being detrimental to the pockets of the Yucatecans.

Rodríguez Cedillo said that the decrease of the pandemic, favors economic recovery, as well as the spectrum of domestic consumption, which started from the good end and worsens in the holiday season.

Consumer demand is expected to decrease during the January slope, however inflation in the country worries.

“Mexico will continue with its social policies because economic policy has been relegated to this government and that will cause economic growth to decline further.”

Difficult January slope in Yucatan

They recommend maximizing wellness at low cost.

The Uady specialist predicted a tough January cost, because citizens will have to pay higher prices for the goods and services they require.

  • Given this situation, recommendations were issued:
  • Do not incur unnecessary debt.
  • Save as much as you can and maximize your well-being with minimal spending to tackle this high-cost crisis.

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