PRI, PAN and PRD Coalition condemns the actions of officials in Mandate Revocation

the coalition goes to Mexico condemned the use of public resources and the actions of federal officials who have dedicated themselves to promoting popular referendum on revocation of mandatedespite having it prevented by law.

The national president of the PAN, Marko Corteslamented the role of the Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopezwho this weekend traveled to Sonora and Coahuila aboard an official plane to invite the vote of support for the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the next April 10th.

“Absolutely reprehensible, the behavior of the Secretary of the Interior is breaking the constitutional order by using the national guard plane to proselytize,” he said.

“The Secretary of the Interior with his actions clearly removes himself as a good interlocutor for the construction of agreements, today he is a political operator of the federal government, he is a simple activist,” he said.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Moreno, from the PRI, anticipated complaints before the INE for the intervention of federal and local officials in the process of revoking the mandate.

“And a flagrant violation of this size cannot remain that way, we will act accordingly and what we see is a desperate government using all the mechanisms to position themselves for the next event that they have on April 10 and then we will make the accusations because public officials cannot be allowed to be openly involved in the process to violate the law.”

Annoying the members of Coalition Va por México

“The federal government and Morena break all laws,” said Marko Cortés. The coalition “Va por México”.

On the other hand, Jesús Zambrano, of the PRD, lamented that despite the evidence, such as videos, that an official plane was used to transport the Secretary of the Interior and General Luis Rodríguez Bucio of the National Guard to participate in rallies in In favor of the mandate revocation consultation, officials today denied the facts.

“We saw them over the weekend, there are the photos and the videos, even leading a March in Sonora called to that, how can they lie with their hands on their hips? What happens is that they became addicted to lies, they are mythomaniacs.”

What type of coalition is Va por México?

The coalition “Va por México”.

Va por México is the name of the partial electoral coalition, announced by the national leaders of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the National Action Party (PAN), and the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

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