Price of the dollar today August 5: how much is the greenback trading in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Venezuela

This Friday, August 5, the dollar appreciates against several of its peers.

Photo: Pedro Pardo / Getty Images

This Friday the dollar starts the day continuing with a stable price in several of the markets of the region. We begin by looking at the Mexican market, where the dollar starts the exchange day with appreciation, strengthened by employment data from the United States.

Recession fears eased a bit after employment data release.

The average price for Mexican banks is around 20.37 pesos per dollar unit and is once again moving away from the 21-peso barrier. At the bank window, the average for the purchase is 20.13 pesos per dollar and 20.60 pesos per dollar.

In the Honduran market the dollar remains stable. Today the dollar is trading at 24.54 Honduran lempiras per greenback unit. The average range for the day moves between a minimum of 24.46 lempiras and a maximum price of 24.65 for the sale.

In Nicaragua, the price of the dollar is quoted today at an average price of 35.85 cordobas per dollar unit and the trend continues to rise. For buying and selling, the day’s range moves between 35.90 and 36.31 at the exchange rate per dollar.

In Costa Rica the average price of the dollar is 668.34 colones per unit. In Costa Rican banks, the range is 666.3 for purchase and 669.75 colones per dollar.

In the Dominican Republic, The US currency marks an average price with an upward trend in favor of the dollar. The exchange rate is 54.35 DOP per dollar unit. The half-day purchase and sale price is 54.24 and 54.53 DOP per dollar unit, respectively.

In Venezuela, the official dollar rate given by the central bank is 5.83 bolivars per dollar unitthe trend is upward with a minimum range for the day of 5.78 bolivars per dollar.

You can follow in real time the exchange rate of the dollar against the currency of each country:
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