Price of the dollar today July 14 in the Mexican market: it reaches 21 pesos

The US currency begins the day this Thursday, July 14, passing the barrier of 20 pesos per dollar unit. At noon today, the exchange price is 20.80 pesos per greenback. And the trend is upward.

At the bank window, the price is averaged over 21 pesos. For the purchase the price is 20.56 pesos per dollar and 21.03 pesos per dollar for sale.

The dollar strengthens globally after the disclosure of inflation figures in the United States, which reveal that year-on-year inflation in June reached 9.1%. This means a new record with the greatest impact on gasoline, housing and food prices.

The expectations in the markets is about the response that the Federal Reserve will give to high inflation, it is expected that much more aggressive measures will be taken.

You can follow in real time how the dollar market moves in Aztec territory, The Mexican currency classifies among the most depreciated against the dollar. It also follows the movement of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market.
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