Price of the dollar today September 22: how much is it trading for in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela

The dollar falls today against the Mexican peso, but gains ground against other emerging currencies.

Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

This Thursday the foreign exchange market starts the day with slight variations against several of its peers, after yesterday the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the third consecutive time.

In the Mexican market, inflation data was published today and it is expected that the Bank of Mexico will follow in the footsteps of the Fed. This is highlighted by the analyst Gabriela Siller, from Banco Base.

Meanwhile, The dollar in the Mexican market is trading today in negative and at a price below the barrier of 20, at 19.96 pesos per unit of greenback. At the bank window, the exchange rate for purchase is 19.70 per dollar unit, and 20.23 pesos for sale, and the downward trend continues.

in the foreign exchange market Honduras, the US currency appreciates and trades at an average price of 24.68 lempiras per unit of greenback with an upward trend. The average price today moves between 24.56 and 24.80 lempiras per dollar.

In Nicaragua, the dollar trades at an average price of 35.9 córdobas per unit of greenback, with an upward trend. For the purchase and sale of the dollar, the range of the day moves between 35.88 cordobas and 36.00 cordobas per dollar, respectively.

In Costa Rica, the dollar appreciates this morning and trades at a price of 630.57 colones per dollar unit. In banks, the dollar price range remains at 629.88 for purchase and 631.25 colones per dollar for sale.

In the Dominican market, the US currency depreciates and trades at 53.25 DOP per dollar unit. The average price for purchase and sale is calculated at 53.1 and 53.40 DOP per dollar unit, respectively.

In Venezuela, the dollar gains ground once again and trades at a price of 8.08 bolivars per dollar unit, the average range is 8.07 and 8.09 Bs. per greenback for purchase and sale, respectively.

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