Price of the dollar today September 27: how much is it trading for in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela

How much does the dollar cost in emerging countries this September 27 – Photo: Pedro Pardo / Getty Images.

We begin Tuesday’s trading session in the foreign exchange market with moderate variations and the dollar maintaining its strength against several of its peers. The fear of new restrictive policies by the Fed to control inflation keeps the markets jittery.

Today, the dollar against the Mexican peso is trading above the 20 peso barrier, at 20.31 pesos per greenback unit. The average exchange rate for purchase at bank counters is 20.05 pesos per dollar unit and 20.58 pesos for sale. Mexico will have monetary policy announcements this Thursday.

In the Honduran exchange market, the U.S. currency begins the day with a downward trend and trades at an average price of 24.69 lempiras per greenback unit. The average price today moves between 24.57 and 24.80 lempiras per dollar.

In Nicaragua, the dollar is quoted at an average price of 35.94 córdobas per greenback unit. Despite being a similar price to Monday’s price, the trend is downward. For the dollar purchase and sale, the day range moves between 35.88 córdobas and 36.00 córdobas per dollar, respectively.

In Costa Rica, the dollar appreciates this morning and trades for 633.39 colones per dollar unit and maintains the upward trend. In banks, the dollar price range remains at 631.72 for purchase and 632.45 colones per dollar for sale.

In the Dominican market, the US currency also appreciated today and is quoted at 53.50 DOP per dollar. The average price for buying and selling is calculated at 53.25 and 53.75 DOP per dollar unit, respectively.

In Venezuela, the dollar is gaining ground in the regular market and today trades for 8.09 bolivars per dollar unit. The average range is 8.08 and 8.10 Bs. per greenback for buying and selling, respectively.