Prince Andrew agrees to testify in sexual abuse case

It was confirmed that the Prince Andrew He agreed to give a sworn statement on March 10 in the United Kingdom for the case he faces before the accusations of sexual abuse to a minor, presented by Virginia Guiffre.

This information was confirmed by sources close to the Duke of York, in a scandal that has been one of the largest facing the British monarchy.

In AmericanPost.News We informed you that Prince Andrew was officially stripped of military titles and royal patronage, due to the indication of sexual abuse.

What happened to Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew agrees to testify in lawsuit filed for sexual abuse Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal titles

Prince Andrew is targeted by Virginia Guiffre, one of the victims of the late businessman Jeffrey Epstein’s trafficking network.

Virginia claims that the businessman forced her to have sex with the son of Queen Elizabeth II, when she was 17 years old.

Prince Andrew’s affidavit comes after Giuffre’s lawyer said in a statement that the whistleblower’s legal team hoped “to be able to confront” the defendant “for his denials and his attempts to blame” the victim.

British media have disclosed that the interrogation will be carried out by Boies and other of Giuffre’s lawyers.

Statement from Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal titles

Prince Andrew has until July 14 to give his statement, but if the parties do not reach an agreement, the trial can be extended and start between September and December.

The legal process began with the filing of a civil lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre and has continued despite efforts by the prince’s legal team to dismiss the case.

The Prince Andrew He has always denied the accusations of sexual abuse and states that he does not know Virginia Giuffre, despite the fact that it has been confirmed that he had a friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

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