Prince Andrew could be saved from sexual abuse trial by settlement

It has recently been disclosed a confidential agreement signed in 2009 according to which the late mogul Jeffrey Epstein paid $ 500,000 to Virginia Giuffre to drop her allegations of alleged sexual abuse when she was a minor.

That is why now lawyers defenders of Prince Andrew of England hope this will serve to dismiss the case against him that has brought him so much trouble.

It seems that the extrajudicial agreement, which until now remained secret, establishes that any legal action by Giuffre against Epstein and against other potential defendants in the alleged plot of sex trafficking of minors for which the billionaire was investigated will be dismissed and that a New York court investigates.

Agreement would save Prince Andrew

The prince is accused of abusing a minor in the past The prince has tried to annul the trial

It turns out that a clause, although it does not mention Andrés, could shield the prince, accused by Giuffre in a New York court of having had sexual relations with her when she was still a minor in one of Epstein’s mansions.

Until the beginning that is what the defense of the son of Elizabeth II of England expects, who has insisted on the publication of the agreement and who defends that it frees the prince from any potential responsibility, as the lawyer said last September during a hearing Andrew Brettler.

The prince has tried to annul the trial

The prince has tried to annul the trial

It has been pointed out that Prince Andrew, who has denied even knowing Virginia Giuffre – despite the fact that a photo widely disseminated in the media shows him holding her by the waist, has tried to annul the trial against her on several occasions, recently due to defects. so.

It should be noted that an oral hearing is scheduled for Tuesday to hear a defense request for the case to be dismissed.

It should be remembered that Giuffre, 38, maintains that he was a victim of sex trafficking committed by financier Jeffrey Epstein and his right hand, Ghislaine Maxwell, and that as a result he suffered abuse by Prince Andrew when he was 17 years old in London, New York and on a private Epstein island in the Caribbean.

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