Prince Andrew has his title as Duke of York at stake. Why?

There are rumors that the British royalty want to take away the title of Duke of York to the Prince Andrew, something they will decide to do if you lose the sexual assault lawsuit, get the details!

In AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that this royal is 35 years old, as he was born on February 19, 1960.

Previously we told you that this ‘royal’ was accused by Epstein’s victim; However, now we will tell you what will happen to one of its most important titles.

Prince Andrew would cease to be Duke of York

Son of Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Son of Queen Elizabeth. Photo:

The son of Queen Elizabeth II could be forced to break ties with charities, which would somehow put him in “internal exile”, something that clearly benefits British royalty, but not the Prince, that in addition to being could ask him to drop his Duke title, this is what sources told the Sunday People:

“If Prince Andrew loses the case, the question is what to do with him? You can’t force him to resign like you would a normal person… “

And they added:

“… but he would be asked to put his dukedom on hold.”

Although, apparently this is not so easy, since the title is one that his father His Majesty, George VI, had this before he was king, and he added:

“… and she would grant it to her favorite son, but she has disgraced that title.”

Queen Elizabeth would have to strip Prince Andrew

Son of Queen Elizabeth. Photo:

Although it is difficult for His Majesty to want to withdraw the title from his son, he will have to do so if required, and is that these actions can only be carried out at the hands of Prince Harry‘s grandmother as well as Buckingham Palace, and to To prevent the situation from looking like this, the Prince in question had better give this up on his own.

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