Prince Andrew sleeps with teddy bears and his staff must know how to manage his collection

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in London 2011.

Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The alleged collection of stuffed animals prince andrew He has given much to talk about over the years and is one of the worst kept secrets between the staff of Buckingham Palace and the Royal Lodge, where his official residence is located.

One of the old palace maidens, charlotte briggs, had the opportunity to get to know Andrés’ routines very well during the time he held that position and she was one of those in charge of ‘taking care’ of her stuffed animals.

“They told me about them as soon as I got the job, and they made it very clear to me what I had to do. Even they dedicated a whole day to train me, so that everyone was placed as he wanted. Everything had to be perfect. It was very rare,” he told The Sun newspaper.

Each teddy bear had its own assigned spot on the canopy bed, where they were placed in rows: the largest at the back and the smallest at the front, and come night they had to be moved to another part of the room so that the Duke of York could go to bed.

The smaller ones were kept in a fireplace that was not used, also following a specific order so that they “look nice”, and the rest were placed on the floor at the foot of the bed. Only the two favorites of Prince Andrew occupied a place of honor seated on two mahogany thrones on either side of the headboard.

“They were very old Steiff bears, and almost all of them were dressed in sailor uniforms and hats. It took half an hour to put them all up, and it’s the weirdest job I’ve ever been paid for,” the employee said.

Although Charlotte resigned her position in 1997, rumors say that the son of Queen Elizabeth II continues to take great care of her collection of rag dolls, although in recent years it has been considerably reduced.

A few days ago, a former member of the security device that protects the British royal family revealed that all cleaning staff with access to their private rooms received a laminated card explaining the correct distribution of the stuffed animals. He also assured that he had heard that Andrés sleeps with several of them, including two hippos and a panther.

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