Prince Andrew sold luxurious property to pay for his trial for alleged sexual abuse

The important property was valued at more than 10 million pounds sterling (Photo: EFE / Will Oliver) (WILL OLIVER WILL OLIVER /)

Prince Andrew He found a buyer for one of his biggest real estate properties. The royal listed this construction at more than £ 17 million. With the money obtained he would finance the costs of his trial on the grounds of his alleged links with the sex trafficking network carried out by Jeffrey Epstein.

The transaction was made to obtain the chalet that Prince Andrew has in Swiss. This type of home is characterized by being on a free lot or extensive patio. The buyer, whose name was not disclosed, agreed to the price, according to the newspaper. The Sun.

However, this ostentatious amount will not belong in its entirety to the Prince, since he must first pay off a debt with Isabelle de Rouvre, who made him a loan so that he could acquire the home at first.

The home buyer in Switzerland remained anonymous (Photo: REUTERS / Chris Radburn)
The home buyer in Switzerland remained anonymous (Photo: REUTERS / Chris Radburn) (CHRIS RADBURN /)

The remaining money, as reported The Sun, it could be used to cover the expenses you have due to your prosecution for alleged sexual abuse against Virginia Roberts Giufrre, a victim of the aforementioned human trafficking network that the businessman had Jeffrey Epstein.

The information that the family of the Duke of York traveled, for one last time, to say goodbye to the extravagant house. It is mentioned that the purchase agreement is in final review, but the transaction is totally official, since it has already been withdrawn from the real estate market.

Prince Andrew eagerly awaits the US court ruling, led by the judge Lewis kaplan, to Drop Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Sexual Abuse Lawsuit. The defense of the son of the Queen isabel II argued that apparently there would have been a financial settlement between the victim and Jeffrey Epstein to avoid future claims.

Virginia Giuffre
Virigina Giuffre, alleged victim of sexual abuse by Prince Andrew (Photo: REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton)

The document was signed in 2009. In this, Epstein awarded a number of Half a million dollars to Roberts Giuffre to drop the lawsuits she made for alleged sexual abuse, while she was still a minor. Said text was made public and among its lines it mentioned the legal coverage in favor of Jeffrey and any other person potentially involved, among these, the possible link with him. Prince Andrew.

As postulated by the law firm of the royal family member, Virginia Giuffre waived her right to make more lawsuits when he formalized the agreement with the American tycoon. For their part, judges Lewis Kaplan and Lorretta Preska remain skeptical and have yet to issue a final sentence.

Principe Andres and Ghislaine Maxwell
The postcard that puts in check the statements of Prince Andrew by denying knowing the alleged victim (Photo: Grosby)

The Epstein and Giuffre agreement, which should be highlighted, was informalIt would be one of the last resources that the defense of Prince Andrés has. If he refuses to recognize said document as a decisive one, the son of Queen Elizabeth II would be involved in a whole legal process in New York which, in case there is room for doubt, will be quite expensive.

For its part, the English monarchy totally walked away from the case. Without funding, the situation is complicated for the Duke of York. The Royal Family argued that having sided with the accused, both image as reputation of the reign would be severely affected

The resolution in the case against Maxwell favored victims of sexual abuse (Photo: EFE / EPA / JASON SZENES)
The resolution in the case against Maxwell favored the victims of sexual abuse (Photo: EFE / EPA / JASON SZENES) (JASON SZENES JASON SZENES /)

The Jeffrey Epstein case continues to make people talk. Recently, Ghislain maxwell, ex-partner of the controversial businessman, was convicted of sex trafficking of minors. The aforementioned was charged with five of the six charges she was facing. With this resolution, Maxwell could spend more than four decades in prison.

Part of the solution in favor of the victims was given thanks to the testimony of Carolyn. The young woman testified that during 2001 and 2004, on Jeffrey Epstein’s visits to Florida, he was paid to have sex with the mogul. The first occasion happened, as she mentioned, when she was 14 years old.


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