Prince Harry of Sussex’s underpants are up for sale

The scandalous night of Prince Harry of Sussex in 2012will be dusted off for a hefty $10,000, after the underpants he wore that night were put up for sale in the company of Carrie Royale, an exotic dancer.

In that sense, all this commotion was taken up by Royale, who declared that he had met the prince on the day of the scandal and that he protected the prince’s underwear, so he is now putting them up for sale at auction, to “remember the funniest side of Harry” And, of course, get $10,000 up front.

“It is a pity that he is so serious these days. Even as a married father of two children, he should loosen up a little from time to time, what remains of him anyway, ”said the stripper after announcing last Thursday’s auction, which had the prince’s underwear as its main piece.

they will donate the money

Prince Harry of Sussex’s underpants are up for sale The couple have two children

The woman expressed that she will seek to donate half of the money to the charitable foundation of the Dukes of Sussex: Archwell, she also specified that the bidding begins this Thursday in the same casino, in which the grandson of Queen Elizabeth was captured, completely nude, and that the item had an initial price of $10,000, but in the event that it reaches the $800,000the winner will also win a three-liter vintage bottle of Dom Perignon Rose from 1996 wrapped in 24-carat gold, valued at more than 200,000 Dollars.

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Who is Harry of Sussex?

The couple has two children

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is the youngest son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, born in September 15, 1984is currently married to Megan Sussex, with whom he has had two small children.

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