Prince Royce and María Becerra exclusively confess what brought them together: “There is good chemistry”

Two days before Prince Royce announced that he was divorcing Emeraude Toubiawe interviewed him with the Argentine singer María Becerra, for the song they recorded together: ‘I Hope You’…. Despite the fact that he was in Miami, and she in Buenos Aires, the connection between the two went beyond the Zoom that brought the three of us together.

What is between them? What brought you together being so far away, without knowing each other and singing such different genres? “There is good chemistry… We are passionate”, both agree between smiles and complicit looks.

Below is an exclusive interview that you can not stop reading and watching the video at the end of the article, and draw your own conclusions.

-Congratulations for this ‘I Hope You’ that has the plus of a surprise at the beginning of the song and at the end of the song.

Mary Becerra: Thank you very much, the truth is that we are super happy, it is an incredible song, I’m in love with this song, and I think Prince is the sameI feel that the video clip is really tremendous, it is something incredible.

Prince Royce: For me it is a pleasure to share this song with María brings a very different flow to bachata, with her voice that is unique and the reason for this song was that, do different things within bachata, merge different genres and sounds. The video is a movie, my audience is going to enjoy it a lot, I hope they love it, just as I loved recording the song, collaborating with María, making the video and ready to break with this topic, God willing.

-How does this duo get to ‘I wait for you’?

Mary Becerra: Prince spoke to me, his whole team, to be part of this song, and The first time I heard it, I fell in love, I loved it, and it didn’t take me long to write and go to record… I was very excited about this song, I sent it to Prince, he also really liked what I did, and that’s where it all started.

Prince Royce: María broke, she broke with her verse, with her parts, this song has an 80’s theme, a rock theme (‘Died in Your Arms), and that intro makes me nostalgic for those times… In my opinion, María’s voice has something of a mystery and I visualized that, as sexy, as mysterious and from there came the idea of, “wow, I want to record a girl who brings something different to this song”and then came the idea of ​​inviting Maria… Happy that she could too, that’s exactly, no, I think it was more than I expected.

Prince Royce and Maria Becerra. Photo: Neiman Group

-The song has your Royce bachata stamp, but as you say, María makes a contribution that suddenly you listen to it and say: “it’s Royce, but what happened?”

Mary Becerra: Yes really I feel that we merge very well, both in the song and in the video, I really feel that there is good chemistryand that is super important when making a song, and more than what the song talks about, we really had a great time.

-How do you decide to make this video clip that is actually a movie?

Prince Royce: I didn’t want to do the same thing, like me singing to the camera all sad, so why not give it a story. We work with Maria’s director in Buenos Aires. For me it was also like, I don’t want to record in Miami, where I always record, I want to try something different and that’s what we did.. Like, come on, I’m going to Argentina, he recorded there to see what flow he has, and for me it was like the reason for doing it there.

Mary Becerra: Yes, yes, yes, it was totally like that, it was just a change of scenery, and you proposed the idea.

Prince Royce: Yeah, I play a lot of video games and the concept came from a game that I love, and I was like I want to do something like that.

-How was Royce, María as a hostess in Argentina?

Prince Royce: It was a pleasure for me to go there, for her to record with me, for me to meet her too… I hadn’t been to Argentina in years, take advantage of going out and getting to know… See how much Maria had grown and continues to grow and will continue to grow. I hope she breaks, I’m sure she’s going to break, and happy that María, as I said, brought her touch, her different touch to my music, I think it’s very nicewhen I can collaborate with different artists, from different parts of the world, from different genres, and see that they also support bachata, the important thing for me to see the support of María, of her practice in Argentina, within a genre that is Dominican.

Prince Royce
Prince Royce. Photo: Neiman Group

-They are young but they started from a very young age, and suddenly they had an explosion and conquered the public. How do two artists feel, from such different places, from different cultures, but who have so much in common?

Mary Becerra: Hunger has brought us to where we are today, as you say, I feel that we are really very passionate about what we do, I feel that we have worked very hard… Everything that is happening to us is more than deserved, really, we have worked a lot for this, we love what we do, and I think it shows. When an artist makes music with his heart, when he does what he feels, the videos are noticeable, the songs are noticeable, everything is noticeable, and I think this is something that happens a lot with this song.

I really fell in love with this song when I heard it, I mean I can’t believe it, I’m super happy with what we didand it’s something that goes beyond the screen, and I feel that’s why it’s done, that’s why maybe what you say is a bit about conquering the public, that the public loves us, I feel that it’s because we’re really passionate and we do with the heart, and it shows.

Prince Royce: The important thing, no matter the gender, no matter the country, no matter the culture, is perseverance. I, for example, see María who is 22, a young girl, I imagine that she is motivated from a very young age, I believe that perseverance is important… It is very beautiful when an artist starts from a very young age. I released ‘Stand By Me’ at 18, I was on the radio, traveling, and I think it’s really something that many people don’t see, they don’t see how difficult it is for someone so young, that at 16, 17 they’re already like maturing faster than a normal personand traveling, perhaps seeing money, perhaps seeing success, which requires a lot of work, 24/7, that is what Maria is experiencing.

I experienced it 10 years ago at 20, 19, and It really makes me very proud to see that the youth continue to triumph for their dreams, that they also continue to be motivated, you have to have your feet on the ground, you have to have a good mind, be well aware to have that kind of success, and continue as firm with the vision. Today more and more we see youth being more successful, I think today, I don’t know if I’m making that up, but we see more young millionaires, more than ever, and I think youth has been very motivated lately, have found ways to find success, perhaps because of technology, it’s very nice.

Prince Royce and Maria Becerra
Prince Royce and Maria Becerra. Photo: Neiman Group

-We are in a very difficult moment in the world, and you are an example that when you work with passion as María says, and have your feet on the ground as Royce says, good things can be achieved, what is the message to the public? who sees all the mess in the world, but has hope pinned on you?

Prince Royce: I feel like there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, as they say, I think you have to always stay positive, and it’s hard to stay positive sometimes, when there are many things around you that bring you a lot of negativitybut it is important to stay strong, firm that everything will turn out well… Find a way to navigate away from negative things and stay positive and focused on what you wantand I think that today there are many things happening, not only war and diseases and COVID, but also Instagram and friendships, and if someone is doing well and not me, many comparisonsI think you have to start with yourself, focus on yourself, on what you want, that would be the message I would give to youth, everything starts with yourself, before you believe in another person, believe in yourself.

Mary Becerra: Yes, exactly the same I think, more than anything focus on you, on also make you half a friend of adversity, that when bad things happen, that when there are obstacles, as he says, we are very young and I think that both he and I know what it feels like to go to a casting and not be takenupload covers to Youtube and have 2 views, and go on and on, but that’s when you show confidence in yourself and say: “I know I’m going to get there, I know I have it, I know I can”… And then go on and on and on, and perseverance and trust in oneself, and what he says is also super important, this focus on you and not look to the side, and that envy does not start to eat away at you, because you have to understand that the processes of each person are different.

Prince Royce: They are different.

Mary Becerra: And you over there see the one next to you, who is your same age, and is achieving a lot of things, “why am I not doing it?… Because he is another person, and the other person is different, and his processes they are different, and he was lucky at different times. Do not lament because that is not happening to me, because everything comes in due time too.

I feel that perhaps life expects us to be prepared to receive those things, as it is not easy to be prepared for everything that comes with all this, and to be positive, to be persevering and to take refuge in what is good for usin what gives us happiness, like music, which I must say that there are also people who find a lot of hope in our music, because that’s what it’s also about, music is beyond being entertainment, it is passions, it is feelings, it is connecting with the public, and there are many people who really take refuge in music and that is something super nice.



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