Prince Royce celebrates the departure of ‘Lao a Lao’, and his 5 nominations for Latin Billobard Awards

Prince royce FCheck out the release of his new song, ‘Lao a Lao’, and his 5 nominations for Billobard Latin Music Awards… However, he does not want to rush, he does not want to think about a full return, or a tour, because he assures that he does not know what may happen tomorrow.

In an open-hearted talk, EThe Prince of Bachata, talks about the pandemic, what he learned in his quarantine, where he also had to go through the coronavirus, what he taught in confinement, what he now enjoys and does not want to let go of today, and of social networks. It reveals what worries you and what you no longer do so as not to put energy on what is not positive.

-I don’t know where to start if to congratulate you on ‘Lao a Lao’, or if to congratulate you on the 5 nominations for the Billboard Latin Music Awards.
Prince Royce:
Grateful, happy, 5 nominations on Latin Billboard … To be present at those important awards, to see that people support my music, that the radio plays my music.

´Lao a Lao´ is a new single, it is a very refreshing single for me, where I project or I try to give a lot of positive energy for people, for everything that has happened… I think it takes to have a good time and ´Lao a Lao´ is a bachata-pop, where he talks about how to have a good time with your girlfriend with great simplicity… We learned that during the quarantine, we did not have discos, we did not have restaurants, and it was like: “How do we do to have fun here at home? … And well it will be a barbecue at home, playing Monopoly … That’s what the issue is about: having a good time, without having much.

-You personally, what did you learn in this time of the pandemic?
Prince Royce: Grateful to see how I have been able to engage or engage all of us to this pandemic, to this change, to find the energy to move forward, to find out how I can progress through all this, and I think I learned a lot how to be human, beyond, outside of music… Much gratitude is what I feel, after a year and a half, a year of this pandemic. I have been able to be with my family, with my wife, with my friends, with my cousins ​​on the phone, playing video games, it reminds me a lot of my beginnings, during my quarantine I was able to do many things that I had not done for years.

Prince royce
Prince Royce. Photo: Pipe Jaramillo / Courtesy Sony Music

-What did you discover about yourself in the confinement?
Prince royce: I discovered that it is not bad to stay at home, without traveling, without having to be in a meeting, in a hotel, I liked it, I think it will also be difficult, it’s going to be weird to come back For many, I think many of us got used to working from home.

-How do you imagine this return with this new reality? Because there is an opening, but it is not the same as before, we all change, the world changes …
Prince Royce: I do not know, I do not know the future … We are here, day by day, like waiting to see what happens, I only know about myself, what I could do to protect myselfTo protect my family, I want to release music, I want a tour, but like a tour is not necessary, but obviously we see progress and then you have to be, living day to day.

-And recording ‘Lao to Lao’
Prince Royce: Recording ‘Lao a Lao’, recording Tik Tok, connected with my fans via social mediaObviously like everyone we hope this ends when it is safe for everyone.

-Your song starts out talking like a social media discussion, what is the good and what is the bad of social media for an artist?
Prince Royce: The good thing is that they have given many opportunities for many with social media, I think new jobs, new businesses, a connection with people. Before you knew the people in your neighborhood and now, today you are there and you know someone from Argentina, Chile, Spain or you find a song from another country that you would not have found if it were not through social media, through Tik Tok, by Instagram, Facebook …

The bad, bullying, that people or girls who have gotten used to a filter that makes them look pretty and want to look like that filter, They don’t feel comfortable with themselves … Or a boy or a girl I don’t know why they didn’t like it, or because they gave that photo if the other one did notI’m ugly, I’m ugly… I don’t know, a lot of bullying, I think that has been most of the negative. Many relationships that do not work through social media, because they liked it or because of a followers, or because I read this or a ‘DM’ (direct message). With the good comes the bad also in everything, it is a balance, I cannot say that many people have really become addicted to the telephone, you see the screentime there that if so many hours, and it has affected a lot both in the positive and in the negative . You have to find the balance between the good of Social Media and the bad.

-You reach youth a lot, what do you say to those people who live so dependent on social media, which ends up affecting their self-esteem, their life?
Prince Royce: Much of Social Media is not real, as many people upload what they want to upload, what they want their life to be, and maybe it isn’t or maybe it is, but has become a competition of who has moreWho uploaded the most, who uploaded this, who gave it more like, who has more followers … You have to do what makes you happy, what fills your heart, without much. I stopped the comments a long time ago, I would love it because you want to connect with the fans, you want to talk to them, that’s why I want to read, but sometimes I don’t even see comments.

– So as not to waste your time and energy. That is why it is better to live ‘Lao to Lao’
Prince Royce: ‘Lao to Lao’ simple, quiet.


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