Priyanka and Nick Jonas unleash separation rumors for this reason

One of the strongest couples in show business is the one made up of Priyanka and Nick Jonas, who apparently are daring for a strong crisis in their marriage.

Various rumors indicate that the couple is separating and even their own Priyanka had already shown signs of it in the social networks.

And it is that after the separation of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, the media have set their eyes on the couple who could now divorce.

Priyanka and Nick Jonas split up? this we know

Priyanka and Nick Jonas split up? This we know. How did Priyanka and Nick’s relationship start?

In recent days, the couple shared with all their followers that they will be part of the diwali celebration, an Indian holiday, however, a detail raised the alerts.

It turns out that the own Priyanka I would have deleted the last name Jonas of her profile on Instagram, the same one she had used since she married the singer in 2018.

This change, however insignificant it may seem, has attracted attention, because in a past interview of Priyanka on The Tonight Show, stressed how important it was for her to add her husband’s last name to hers, implying that after the wedding the two become just one.

How did Priyanka and Nick’s relationship start?

How did Priyanka and Nick’s relationship start?

The love story of both celebrities began due to their taste for fashion, because in 2017 they were both invited to the Met Gala and under the designer’s signature Ralph lauren.

Another event where both coincided was at the party after the Oscar and since then they began a warm relationship pursued by the media.

On 2018 Priyanka and Nick Jonas they got married, having a luxurious wedding that made all the headlines in the news and now with the recent rumors about their separation, they are again on everyone’s lips.

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