Priyanka Chopra denies rumors of a crisis in her marriage to Nick Jonas

The actress Priyanka Chopra has not taken long to settle the controversy that has been generated on account of her decision to remove the surname of her husband, the artist Nick Jonas, from her Instagram profile, a gesture that has been quickly interpreted as a sign of crisis in their marriage.

The interpreter has explained that she needs to establish clear boundaries between her personal life and her public projection, which has motivated her to only want to be known, in the media field, with the name and surname that made her famous years ago. The artist claims to feel very “vulnerable” when both levels of her existence overlap in the always complicated world of social networks.

“That feeling of vulnerability that I have when I post an image. Everything behind me will magnify and people won’t stop speculating about it“, she pointed out in a conversation with Vanity Fair and about the tension produced by the various reactions of the virtual sphere to any of her movements.

“Because of the noise of social media, because of the role that they play in our lives now, everything is magnified and seems bigger than it is. We give it too much credibility and it’s something I don’t need,” she added about the speculation about the health of his married life with Nick.

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