Producer Federico Wilkins confesses that working with Laura Bozzo was “hell”

Producer Federico Wilkins confesses that working with Laura Bozzo was “hell”

After it became known that a judge from the Federal Criminal Justice Center issued an order of preventive detention against Laura bozzo for the alleged crime of tax evasionSome celebrities have tried to defend the Peruvian and have even asked her to turn herself in to the authorities so that she can solve her legal problems.

However, until now no one had dared to declare any negative aspect of the driver, except for the producer Frederick Wilkins, who detailed in an interview with the Mexican magazine TV and novels that working with Laura Bozzo was a real “hell”, and that his insults were a constant in the production he headed in 2011.

As the producer of Cuban origin recalled, Laura bozzo she was a very woman abusive and that he was harassing the workplace, so he did not hesitate to share the serious mistake he made from the first week he arrived at Televisa, when he dared to publicly insult his colleagues from the Laura program.

“In the first week of live transmission on Channel 2, he said on the air that Televisa’s technicians were not working. A huge lack of respect for the company that opened the doors for him ”.

In addition to ensuring that Laura Bozzo was rude and ungrateful to Mexican television, the producer shared that after his departure from the famous talk show, The Peruvian tried to contact him by email, but he definitely refused to have any kind of communication with her.

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