Producer of ‘Si Nos Dejan’ talks about the success of the telenovela by Univision after its end

For the Venezuelan producer Carlos Bardasano placeholder image there are universal stories that cross the barrier of time, that’s why he bet with his telenovela “If they let us”Upon the return of one of the most important classics on television in Mexico.

Sometimes it seems that there is an alignment of planets when the moment is right and this was a story that for several years we had in mind to tell, but in a new version with the time that has passed and how the world has changed.“, He assures in an interview with Efe Bardasano.

The story was written and renewed by Leonardo Padrón, responsible for recent adaptations such as “Rubí” (2020) and is based on the original story of the Colombian Bernando Romero Pereiro, “Señora Isabel”, whose first version in Mexico was known as “Mirada de mujer”.

Leonardo is a poet, he is one of the great writers of the genre and pays homage to the original story and love without prejudice“, Assures the producer.

The story follows the life of Alicia, a woman who loses the personal concept of the happy family she thought she had after her husband’s cheating, but will find a new opportunity for love in a man younger than her.

The telenovela that was released in 1998, became a classic on Mexican television by removing the taboos to love that can exist in a relationship where the woman is older than the man.

Although Carlos is aware that the revolutionary part of the original project is no longer replicable for current times, he considers that the issue is something that has not yet been fully resolved in society and that it is now inserted in such a real context, that the proximity to the public is safe.

Although today it is not so transgressive, there is still a lot of hypocrisy about it. We believe that first of all this is a universal story that portrays a fighter woman who does everything for her family“, He assures.

Mayrín Villanueva, Alexis Ayala and Marcus ornellas, are the main actors that are in the project that will premiere on the Las Estrellas channel on November 1 in primetime.

‘Si Nos Dejan’, telenovela starring Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus Ornellas and Alexis Ayala. Photo: Univision

The telenovela, which already had its premiere in the United States, was written with time, which according to Carlos says is a privilege when talking about a television job, and this allowed them to find its essence in Bernardo’s work.

Part of the success of the story was the essence of the characters and we decided to keep it, there is an adaptation to the times and moments of now“, He assures.

However, he emphasizes that there are things that remain intact such as the machismo of Ayala’s character, who says “seems to be from another era”, but whose example serves to critically make visible this social problem that, despite more than 20 years of distance with the original work, it is still valid.

Carlos is currently working on another adaptation, this time of the popular 1979 soap opera starring Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra, “The rich also cry.”

More than ‘remakes’ (adaptations) I feel that they are universal stories and plots of love and betrayal that connect with the public, the challenge is what one does with it“, mentions.


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