Prophecy says that today aliens arrive on planet Earth

On July 26, 2016, film producer Gary Parker received an extraterrestrial visit who told him about the great arrival of beings from space, where they assured everyone that the aliens would arrive today.

That day, Parker said he heard a voice that told him that all the answers were in a photo taken by NASA near the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

It was then that he dedicated himself to inspecting the details the producer discovered an extraterrestrial message connected to July 26, 2022, the day of the grand arrival.

Aliens arrive today

According to Gary Parker, this day, July 26, will be the great arrival of the aliens.
Gary Parker Said Aliens Arrive Today, But How True Is That?

The aliens arrive today. Gary Parker says that this July 26, the great arrival of extraterrestrials that allegedly created humans, but not only that, he claims to know where it will happen, on the Temple Mount, located in Jerusalem.

The film producer also said that the Egyptian pyramids were created by an alien race. “We are but a fragment of a gigantic Universe, so if today we have indications of extraterrestrial existence, it means that they were also in the past “

Alien Prophecy

Esteban Cruz, anthropologist and writer, in relation to the prophecy of the great arrival of the extraterrestrials, said that it might not be so far-fetched, since there are indications that beings from other planets visited great cultures in the past.

Cruz says that in the Universe, there are billions of places where there could be life, and it is impossible for the human to be alone in it.

“At some point, an advanced telescope will detect a signal to come into direct contact with aliens”, Esteban Cruz, anthropologist.

In addition, it should be considered that all cultures have spoken of Gods who come to teach something to humanity and await their return. Perhaps now it is about the aliens with their great arrival.

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Will aliens arrive on July 26?

Gary Parker Said Aliens Arrive Today, But How True Is That?
Gary Parker Said Aliens Arrive Today, But How True Is That?

Esteban Cruz says that he does not believe that this July 26 the aliens will make a presence, but it is certain that at some point, humans will face their existence.

If with a pandemic of one year, we live all these economic traumas, Can you imagine what it means to recognize that there are visitors from another world?” says the anthropologist.

This could be a huge disaster, there will be panic, and there will be a mismatch in belief systems that do not include beings much more advanced than us.

On whether the aliens will arrive today, he is not entirely sure, but he thinks that is why the idea of ​​”conspiracy” is maintained by not showing us the truth and the governments of the whole world are never clear. In fact, the American Post has reported on the declassification of UFO files.