Protests in Canada force Ontario to end COVID-19 sanitary pass

The protests in canada They have been causing great concern to the government for more than two weeks. Therefore, the Ontario Premier Doug Fordannounced on Monday, February 14, that this province has already eliminated the compulsory health pass for vaccination against COVID-19.

As we inform you in AmericanPost.Newss, Ontario was one of the territories in emergency due to the protests, since the complaints of the protesters of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” are derived from new mandate requiring truckers to be fully vaccinated when crossing the border or face a two-week quarantine.

“We’re going to get rid of the passports,” Ford said at a news conference, stating that the vast majority of people were vaccinated and that the peak of cases caused by the Omicron variant has passed.

Ontario aims to end the chaos of border blockades

The truckers’ protests were joined by other citizens who also rejected the sanitary pass/Photo: El Diario AR The Canadian president will apply a law that prohibits civil gatherings in order to end the protests/Photo: Uno TV

The end of the sanitary measures was demanded by a protest movement that included border blockades and that for more than two weeks paralyzed the federal capital, Ottawa, located in Ontario.

Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, had reimposed at the end of December, like other regions of the country, very strict measures in the face of the increase in COVID-19 infections.

Ford said he was “ready” to accelerate the “reopening plan” and that As of February 17, the measures will be eliminated“except in concert halls, theaters and sporting events, which will have a cap of 50%”.

Justin Trudeau invokes a law to end protests in Canada

The Canadian president will apply a law that prohibits civil meetings in order to end the protests/Photo: Uno TV

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeausaid on Monday that the Federal Government invoked the Emergency Law “to supplement provincial and territorial capacity to address lockdowns and occupations” related to protests over COVID-19 health measures.

This law that allows the use of the armed forces to stop protests in Canada was approved in 1988, but it had never been used before. However, Trudeau said the military will not necessarily be used to stop protesters.

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