Proud mom! Marlene Favela boasts the graduation of her daughter Bella from her: “You are my gift of life”

Like a proud mom, Marlene Favela He shared through his social networks that her daughter Bella graduated from her first years of education schoolso he did not hesitate to show off this new achievement of his firstborn.

The actress who is remembered for her leading role in the telenovela ‘Gata Salvaje’ once again showed off the facet that she enjoys the most in her life, which is being a mother, for which, through her official Instagram account, she shared a series of photographs in which he appears posing with his daughter Bella, whom he congratulated for having successfully completed her first years of school education before entering Kindergarten.

congratulations my beautiful princess now begins for you a wonderful stage full of fun, surprises and many adventures. May God bless your steps you are my gift of life I love you“, wrote the television star at the bottom of the tender publication.

Of course, the reaction of her fans was immediate, since messages of admiration immediately rained down on her for how well the mother and daughter look, in addition to how great Bella looks at 2 years of age.

“Many congratulations to your princess”, “Your daughter is very beautiful and great“, “Super, excellent woman, admirable mother”, “How great and how beautiful is the princess“,”Beautiful mom and daughter, congratulations”, only a few followers wrote.

But that was not all, since the Mexican actress also shared a series of more images on the little girl’s social profile, in which she once again expressed how happy she is to have successfully completed this first educational step.

This is how he published a video in which some of Bella’s schoolwork can be seen, who was also seen posing like a model with her famous mother.

While, in a series of photographs Bella received a few words of congratulations from her dad, George Seeleywho is still aware of what happens in the little girl’s life despite the distance since he continues in his native country, Australia.

Well done Bella, I’m so proud of you.“, wrote the ex-husband of Marlenne Favela.

Congratulations to me because today was my graduation 👩‍🎓 A world full of adventures awaits me in Kindergarten“, Sentenced the famous along with one more snapshot.

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