PS5 would arrive today at Amazon with a restock of 20,000 units

PS5 would arrive today at Amazon with a restock of 20,000 units

Lovers of video game consoles should be vigilant as It is expected that this December 28 Amazon can put on sale 20,000 PlayStation 5 (PS5) after months of continuous shortages.

The Bioprepwatch web portal reported that according to various sources consulted, the Internet sales giant received a shipment of consoles and that these could be available from Tuesday morning.

Sony’s console sales have been seriously affected by the lack of microchips caused by the covid-19 pandemic. This, coupled with the stoppage of activities caused by the pandemic itself, has resulted in the Japanese company not being able to meet its unit production expectations.

Despite this, the PS5 has meant a resounding success in sales for Sony because For the month of October, it was estimated that the total number of equipment sold exceeded 13.4 million..

From the Japanese company they have ensured that They have the necessary components to guarantee that they will be able to sell another 9.2 million units before the month of March from 2022.

If this happens, it would almost double the sales registered so far, which would mean a greater flow of equipment in retail stores and online sellers such as Amazon itself.

Console war

One of the main rivals of the PlayStation 5 is Microsoft’s Xbox Series X which, although it has performed well in terms of sales, is far behind Sony’s flagship.

Even though the American company has preferred to continue with its policy of not disclosing how many units it has sold, It is speculated that its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S models have not sold more than 8 million units. If so, this would represent a gap of at least 5.4 million computers, a not inconsiderable figure taking into account the covid-19 pandemic and the fact that sales have not fully complied with the forecasts of both companies.

Some experts have said that the problem of component shortages is unlikely to have a solution until at least 2022. They predict that in the best of scenarios, the lack of chips could end by the beginning of 2023 so the outlook for companies like Sony and Microsoft is not encouraging in the short term.

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