Public of La Mesa Caliente surrenders to the charm of Dayanara Torres and they want her on Telemundo de ipso facto

Diana Torres He stole the hearts of viewers of Telemundo’s La Mesa Caliente. The absence of Alix Aspe caused the arrival of Marc Anthony’s ex, for a whole week. There the public found in Dayanara not only beauty, but wise reflectionsaccurate opinions and so many came to the conclusion that the Puerto Rican would be an excellent addition to the show.

Many also assure that his presence in the program increased its rating. And it seems that the fans are clear, she should be part of the host staff and they are asking the production for it: “I liked Dayanara’s participation, they should consider leaving her or giving her some special participation.”

Viewers not only liked her presence, but also the way she expressed herself and how she explained her points of view: “Precious. Hermos. She is an example of a woman, delicate and above all with incredible manners and sense of touch 👏🏻 👏👏🔥 A complete woman and above all an exemplary mother. I have enjoyed the whole week! She brings a different light to the show, she should belong to the show, as an “on call” or special reporter something like that would be a plus for the show”.

And so follow the comments of users on Instagram: “I loved the program with Dayanara, they should consider leaving her there, I liked it more than the one that is totally absent.”

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