Public transport in Cancun with high deficiencies: pollution and bad image of the city

Mobility in the city of Cancun It has become chaos in every way, and we are in times of a pandemic, despite this, thousands of users who travel by public transport complain about its poor condition and poor service.

The disorderly and dispersed growth of the city of CancunAs a consequence of the lack of urban and territorial planning, it generates chaos in its communication highways, coupled with its growing demographic expansion.

The poor state of public transport has generated discontent among the population

Sanitary measures have caused this service to be requested twice. Putting sanitary recommendations aside, users have no choice but to saturate the transport

The demand for public transport service in Cancun It is increasingly broad, and now more with the process of strict respect for health security protocols, which indicate that there should not be an overload (although it is never respected by the operators) to avoid contagion of Covid-19.

The demand for this service is increasing more and more

Putting health recommendations aside, users have no choice but to saturate the transport

Although the recommendations are many, the need is greater, since it is necessary to reach the various destinations of the users and therefore, although public transport (truck or urban) is full of passengers, the user who is waiting, gets on despite the saturation of people.

In this sense, the ‘rush hours’ in the city end up saturating the collective transport vehicles, despite violating the Traffic regulations and the recommendations of the health safety protocols to avoid contagions by Covid-19.

The trucks going to the hotel zone of Cancun, Maya Caribe present a serious problem due to the physical deterioration of transport, in addition to its mechanical functioning is not good, since it emits many polluting gases in its journey.

In a tour carried out by the team of AmericanPost.News, We were able to notice that these trucks look bad and also have visible mechanical deficiencies, which causes some tourists who use the means of transport to be surprised and uncomfortable by the deterioration of said units.

In addition to having a problem with the transport units, there is also a problem with some of their operators, since sometimes they do not respect speed limits, stops for public transport and neither the capacity that must be answered according to their capacity and to the recommendation of the current epidemiological traffic light.

As we can read in the portal of the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute (IMOVEQROO) that “Cities should be designed for people, not for vehicles. Translating this premise into action will be achieved through the planning, design, and implementation of comprehensive projects that facilitate mobility and make public transport useful and comfortable.” .

However, it is necessary for the authorities to carry out their work so that the thousands of users of public transport can feel comfortable with the units and the service provided. Thus avoiding the social unrest of locals and visitors to the city of Cancun.

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