Public transportation in Cancun will have a special schedule at Christmas and New Years

As is customary, each year hundreds of public transport users face on December 24 and January 1, the fate of active and regular public transport service.

Given this situation, it was announced that public transport in Cancun will have an established schedule during the end of the year parties.

For the hotel zone the service will be available 24 hours

Although the transport continues in circulation, sanitary measures must continue to be respected

There will be public transport schedules on these special dates to give attention to users in Cancun, since this guarantees mobility for locals, workers and tourists who visit this tourist destination.

On December 24, 25 and 31, as well as the 1st. As of January, the Autocar company has reported that according to the demand that exists per season, its units of the vehicle fleet with which they have, are working in their entirety.

The transport service, which will be offered from December 24th and 31st, will be until midnight; and for the days, December 25 and January 1, they will begin to operate at 05:00 hours.

In the case of hotel zone, it is contemplated that its service is given 24 hours a day, with small intermittent periods.

The Autocar company has communicated that for the days marked as holidays, they will work with 40 percent of the fleet and that during the day, more units will be incorporated in order to provide the service to users as there is more demand.

It was also reported that this operation has been carried out in previous years and gave adequate results in user satisfaction.

They also urge the population to respect health protocols when approaching the units and thereby avoid contagion by Covid-19.

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