Public wants to ban Christian Nodal concert for this powerful reason

Public wants to ban Christian Nodal concert for this powerful reason

After being one of the most talked about artists of the moment, the Mexican singer, Christian nodal you are facing a difficult time in your career.

And it is that the native of Sonora plans to give two concerts this Saturday, October 9 and Sunday, October 10, which he has already confirmed in Valle de Guadalupe, a magical and cultural corner of Ensenada, Baja California.

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One of the events has already been announced with a full house and the others only have a few tickets left. Faced with this great success, the young man from Sonora has not been able to enjoy his victory, as it could be that they will not take place.

This alternative is because Several inhabitants and businessmen of the region have been meeting with the purpose of truncating the participation of the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle” in Valle de Guadalupe.

And it is that the Sonoran singer would be in charge of inaugurating the venue called “APM Forum” and it is with which the people of the surrounding places do not agree, as they have been affected by the construction of the venue, they have also made known the environmental damage that this triggers.

Those who do not agree with the Nodal concert or others that could be carried out in the new place, pointed out in a statement and added that if the forum enters into operation it will mark a terrible and perhaps reversible antecedent for the wine valley.

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The illegal clearing of these 25 agricultural and conservation hectares means irreversible environmental damage “, describe in the document that it is already propagated by social networks.

In the meantime Christian Nodal has not expressed his opinion in this regard, as the young man is creating his new album “Outlaw” and promoting his tour, and his song “La sinvergüenza” was recently released alongside Banda MS, which also has the attention of Belinda’s fiancé.

Nodal is famous for songs like “My cool”, “Goodbye love”, “Down here”, “Of the kisses that I gave you”, “They didn’t tell you wrong”, “Tell me how you want”, “I failed you” and “Se I forgot ”, just to mention a few.


Christian nodal, who turned 21 years old on January 11, became a trend in networks last week after a video was released in which he appears singing when he was just a child, which showed that talent has accompanied him since forever.

Although it was from the year 2016 when Nodal began to be recognized as an artist, after releasing his first single “Adiós Amor”, now it is known that the talent and aptitudes of the Sonoran are from birth. In the recording, the Mexican regional artist is seen singing “La Cigarra”, by the Mexican composer Raymundo Pérez.

In this recording you can see a small Christian nodal who sings, with very good intonation, while another person conducts it. The years passed and now the native of Caborca ​​is a reference in the music scene, which has led him to obtain various awards, the most recent being the Billboard Award as Regional Mexican Solo Artist.