Puerto Rico makes history with Daniela Arroyo, the first transgender Miss Universe contender

The young woman will compete with other candidates to be the successor of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022, Ashley Ann Cariño Barreto.

Puerto Rico is making history by choosing Daniela Arroyo, a trans woman, to be their selection to seek the Miss Universe crown.

After the Miss Universe Puerto Rico organization announced Daniela Arroyo as one of its 16 semifinalists to be the one to participate in the global contest.

With this, Puerto Rico has chosen for the first time a trans woman, which reflects the changes within the Miss Universe organization.

Changes in Miss Universe, after Anne Jakrajutatip -43 years old-, a transgender woman became the owner of the organization of the beauty pageant.

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Who is Daniela Arroyo, the trans woman chosen by Puerto Rico who will seek the crown of Miss Universe? (Instagram @danielaarroyopr)

Daniela Arroyo, the trans woman Miss Universe of Puerto Rico

Daniela Victoria Arroyo González, better known as Daniela Arroyo – 24 years old – is the first trans woman chosen by Puerto Rico to seek the Miss Universe crown.

According to local information, Daniela Arroyo graduated with a degree in Public Relations, which she chose to make positive changes through communication.

As a trans woman, Daniela Arroyo seeks to fight for better rights for the trans community so that everyone’s participation is heard.

Likewise, Daniela Arroyo likes to travel around the world because she shares photos of this hobby through her account on the social network Instagram where she has more than 5 thousand followers.

Daniela Arroyo, the trans woman, and activist who will seek the crown of Miss Universe for Puerto Rico.

As a trans woman, Daniela Arroyo, who Puerto Rico has chosen to seek the Miss Universe crown, is also a staunch activist.

Daniela Arroyo’s desire is “to live in a less polarized society, where differences can be appreciated and embraced as something positive.”

Likewise, Daniela Arroyo was known in her country for winning a federal lawsuit against the Government of Puerto Rico in 2018, which allows people to change their sex on their birth certificate.

In addition to that, Daniela Arroyo is co-founder of the Puerto Rico Trans Youth Coalition.

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Who is Daniela Arroyo, the trans woman chosen by Puerto Rico who will seek the crown of Miss Universe? (Instagram @danielaarroyopr)

Arroyo González’s selection was celebrated by trans activist Joanna Cifredo, who said, “Daniela has everything to be a worthy representative of the courage and perseverance of Puerto Rican women.”

The first trans woman to compete for the universal crown was Angela Ponce, who represented Spain at Miss Universe 2018. Even though she qualified in the semifinalist list, she received special recognition for her historic feat that year.

“I don’t need to win Miss Universe. I need to be here,” said the Spaniard.

The international pageant was taken over in 2022 by Thai businesswoman Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, a trans woman. During the final night of Miss Universe, Anne gave a powerful speech as the first woman at the helm of the prestigious pageant.

“Welcome to the platform of women’s empowerment. Miss Universe will now be run by women and for all women to celebrate the power of feminism, diversity, social inclusion, gender equity, and creativity that are causes for good,” said Jakrajutatip.

Arroyo Gonzalez thanked her supporters for their support. “I have felt your support, and I know your emotion is as strong as mine. I thank you all for the unconditional love,” she wrote on social media.