Puerto Rico Police Commissioner advises against rapper Tekashi69’s appearance at Premios Juventud

Amid concerns, Tekashi69's upcoming gig prompts security ramp up, despite an inability to halt the rapper's Puerto Rican visit.

Renowned rapper Daniel Hernández, more commonly recognized by his stage name Tekashi69 (or 6ix9ine), who hails from Brooklyn, and is 27 years old, is expected to make an appearance at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico for the Premios Juventud on Thursday. This, however, has caused some controversy.

The artist, known for his involvement in a series of judicial cases in the United States, including charges of having sexual relations with a 13-year-old in 2015 when he was 18 and still an unknown name in the urban music scene, has led to recommendations against his participation in the event.

Such advice comes from Antonio López Figueroa, the Commissioner of the Police Bureau of the island, who has made these recommendations to the Univision network. The Commissioner’s suggestion follows the network’s alerts to the police about supposed threats to Hernández’s life. These reports, reportedly coming from Univision, have not yet been confirmed by local authorities, and no formal complaints have been made.

The rapper’s troubled past continues to plague him, with a notable event occurring in November 2018. Tekashi69 was charged in a case involving weapons and drug conspiracy, leading to a two-year prison sentence. Upon his release, threats against his life began to emerge, apparently in response to his alleged betrayal of his former associates in the “Nine Trey Gangster Bloods” gang, which he was once a member of.

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Despite the concerns surrounding his participation, the police are not in a position to prevent Tekashi69 from traveling to Puerto Rico, which Commissioner López Figueroa acknowledged. However, due to the concerns raised by the production team, the police are now tasked with devising a security plan for the event.

Hernández, slated to perform alongside Yailin La Más Viral, has lately been embroiled in multiple controversies. The most recent of these is a feud with Anuel AA following the revelation that he is now in a relationship with the mother of the Puerto Rican rapper’s youngest child. The ongoing controversies surrounding Tekashi69 fuel speculation and concerns as his scheduled performance in Puerto Rico approaches.