Puppy goes viral on TikTok for suffering a tremendous fall when climbing stairs

TikTok is the platform where anyone can go viral in a matter of minutes, and pets are the main ones that become popular for their occurrences. Now, a puppy has become the new sensation of the app for an accident that happened while trying to climb the stairs.

The owner of the little pug shared the moment when her pet start up the stairs to go to the second floor of what appears to be the inside of a house. However, the little animal stumbles, and falls quickly to the ground.

The puppy that went viral on TikTok looks like did not have any injuries from the unexpected fall, despite the fact that he fell rolling on the last steps. However, the owner was scared by what happened, so at the end of the video she appears to see what happened to her pet.

TikTok video of the puppy falling down the stairs

The pug did not step on one of the steps and that is why he fell / Photo: Tiktok The puppy did not have any injuries / Photo: TikTok

As we mentioned in AmericanPost.News, dogs are usually the most viralized on this platform for their antics. And the video of the puppy falling down the stairs was shared on the TikTok profile @ peandelawean17, you can click here to see the video.

Apparently the clip was captured by a security camera that was at the scene. Some Internet users were concerned about the impact of the pug, but the owner assured in her account that the animal is safe and sound.

They took the pug to the vet

The puppy did not have any injuries / Photo: TikTok

Currently the pug is being monitored by veterinary specialists and it will continue that way for some time, the owner revealed that generally she always tries to climb behind him precisely to avoid an accident.

The video already has about 6 million views and hundreds of comments from users who consider that the owner of the viral TikTok puppy should modify her stairs because they can be a risk for her pet.