Puppy “worker” with Oxxo uniform goes viral on social networks

The history of the worker of a Oxxo that led to his little dog Wearing a uniform tailored to the establishment, with a shirt and even trousers with a Hello Kitty belt, he made himself viral in social networks by showing that some people love their pets so much that, regardless of the form, they look for a way to express that affection and be with them always.

The curious photograph was widely shared on social networks, where you can see the dog named Nicky in the arms of its owner while he is doing his work as a store cashier.

As expected, the image quickly went viral on Twitter, where thousands of people spread it and left hundreds of positive comments. Apparently, the viral dog is currently in a branch of Oxxo stores located in Villa Coapa but has conquered the heart of all of Mexico.

Puppy in Oxxo uniform goes viral

It is common to find publications of curious pets and animals on social networks that, just by seeing them, cause tenderness, emotion and a good number of likes and views. Recently, this was the case of the so-called “worker” dog from Oxxo.

AmericanPost.News reports that, after the Twitter account “Lomitos Suavecitos” shared a snapshot in which a working dog is seen in an Oxxo with everything and his tiny uniform, accompanying a branch worker to collect cash, the singular image ended up stealing the hearts of Internet users.

Internet users want puppies in Oxxo stores

A “worker” dog in an Oxxo uniform goes viral on social networks.

The viral photograph of the puppy caused a great sensation on social networks, touching more than one, for which so far it has achieved more than 20 thousand likes and a huge amount of positive comments where many even point to Oxxo recommendations to integrate canines to their ranks.

“How gorgeous! I wish and that way they had dogs in the Oxxos, they could feed them and have them as some kind of security ”; “His name is Nicky and he lives in Villa Coapa they call him the Oxxo del perrito”; “There should be more dogs in the Oxxos”, “Awww… you have to work for your croquettes, adorable”, “@Atenas_AYE wants to round up for some young croquettes?”, The comments read.

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