Qatari hotels refuse to welcome gay people

The Hotels of the world Cup in qatar They have refused to allow the gay guests stay and others have asked customers to modify their behavior during their visit, including one who insists that customers not “dress as gay”, according to an investigation.

FIFA and Qatari authorities have previously insisted that everyone is welcome at the tournament, including LGBTQ+ fans, but a survey by Swedish and Danish media has cast further doubt on those claims.

Religious issues prevent access

A view of Qatar hotels

The journalists said they contacted 69 hotels in the Middle Eastern state, which were listed on an official FIFA-approved World Cup website, posing as a newlywed gay couple looking for a room.

Another 20 hotels advised the couple to modify their behavior to avoid public displays of affection during their stay, suggesting that the couple “don’t dress gay”.

While thirty-three hotels on the recommended list for the World Cup, which opens in Qatar on November 21, agreed to allow the male couple to book, the survey found that a third did not or had concerns.

The study’s findings appear to contrast with comments FIFA President Gianni Infantino made in November last year, as he turned on a World Cup countdown clock in Doha,

Infantino insisted that “everyone is welcome in Qatar” and the head of world soccer’s governing body urged LGBTQ fans and everyone else to attend the tournament and “commit, speak and convince” in a bid to influence the policies of the Persian Gulf state.

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