Queen Elizabeth hospital cancels her activities spends the night hospitalized

  • Queen Elizabeth canceled her schedule and spent the night in a hospital
  • Buckingham Palace sources confirm news
  • It is said that Queen Elizabeth went to the hospital for check-ups. Is she in poor health?

Queen Elizabeth to the hospital! Media such as The Sun and AP reported that the legendary monarch spent the night hospitalized after canceling her official activities. Doctors from the royal palace sent the 95-year-old president to see specialists in London on Wednesday afternoon.

Fortunately, after spending the night, Queen Elizabeth left the hospital saying that she was in ‘good shape’ according to the preliminary results of the medical examinations that were carried out during her hospital stay. The royal medical team is believed to have advised him to take precautions for his health.

Queen Elizabeth went to the hospital

Although last year, Queen Elizabeth caught COVID and had to be isolated in Buckingham Palace, the royal leader had not set foot in the hospital in a span of 8 years, until just Tuesday night when she had to stay to spend the night for tests.

After spending the night, now Queen Elizabeth left the hospital to go directly to Windsor Castle and carry out her normal desk activities such as reading her correspondence and thus being able to recover for the rest of the week to return to travel and fulfill commitments with leaders of other nations.

Serious health? They recommended rest to Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth hospital

According to the Buckingham Palace report: “She was recommended to rest for a few days, so Queen Elizabeth went to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon for pertinent health checks, so she returned to Windsor Castle for noon this Thursday. and he is in good spirits ”.

It is believed that Queen Elizabeth had to stay the night in a London hospital, just because it was too late for her trip home, something that had not happened since March 2013 when she was treated for a stomach cause in a central hospital. From london.

Will you resume your normal schedule and activities? Queen Elizabeth in the hospital

The monarch went to the hospital

The health of Queen Elizabeth of England has been so good throughout her life that this is believed to be the fifth time she has had to undergo a trip to the hospital in 40 years. Now it is expected that on November 1 he will attend the climate change summit that will take place in Glasgow.

This week, on the advice of her doctors, Queen Elizabeth canceled her two-day trip to the north of Ireland, a commitment that is not yet known if it was postponed to another date or can no longer be carried out, however few expected it to go to. give to the hospital and is awaiting test results.

Walking with a cane alarms everyone for the health of Queen Elizabeth

Queen elizabeth hospital

Concern for the health of Queen Elizabeth of England began weeks ago when she was seen using a cane to walk at various events at Westminster Abbey and The Welsh this October and last Tuesday she stayed for more than an hour. standing.

Another of the measures that Her Majesty has implemented to take care of her health, after suffering the loss of her husband, Prince Felipe, 99 years old last April, was to put aside alcohol, a drink that Queen Elizabeth used to have in events or from time to time.

The comments on social networks about the health of Queen Elizabeth did not ‘touch the heart’

Queen Elizabeth to the hospital

Faced with the news that Queen Elizabeth spent the night in hospital, people on social networks, especially Twitter, left their comments in different media spaces and some were cruel: “The whole of the 20th century has already died and she must feel alone or no? ”,“ But if it is like 300 years old…. What do you expect? And yet she is tougher than Maduro in power. “

“She is a lady with many years”, “And who cares what happens to her?” She is a harpy, an abuser, she wants all the rest of mortals to kiss her cu …, and it is even said that she is involved in the death of Lady Di and more than one. Clinging to office instead of giving up the throne to the son of a pu … Charles ”, you can read in people’s comments.

There is already a plan for the Queen’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth funeral plan: The plan for Queen Elizabeth
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God save the Queen! The plan that will be carried out on the day that Queen Elizabeth leaves this world has been announced and the preparations must begin to be carried out. According to information from different portals, the plan is called “Operation London Bridge” and in one of the first points it is considered to hold a ten-day funeral.

Although of course, it is only to prevent the moment that the Queen is no longer in this world and action must be taken immediately. Currently, Queen Elizabeth is in impressive health and has already been vaccinated against COVID-19 so her followers will not have to worry about the departure of the president.

The mystery of what will happen when ‘his majesty’ dies

Queen Elizabeth funeral plan: The
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According to information from Page Six, the UK has a secret plan for the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Included in such a plan is a memorial service with the prime minister that should seem “spontaneous” and preparations for crisis mode if London fills with mourners at the time of his departure.

According to the documents that have been leaked over the years, it only shows what will happen in the days after his death. Although the British do not have to worry, since the Queen is in perfect health and this plan must be taken into account to anticipate the departure of the longest-lived president. Filed Under: Queen Elizabeth funeral plan

Is the death of the royal leader coming?

Funeral plan: 'The fallen London Bridge'
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According to the information portal the plan is dubbed “Operation LONDON BRIDGE”, the plan outlines in granular detail what will happen in the first 10 days after the death of the 95-year-old monarch. The documents were revealed by the portal Political, where it was mentioned that for a long time it was wrapped in secrecy and now it has been revealed.

Over the years, snippets have leaked out. In one of those excerpts revealed, it was mentioned that everything will start from suggestions that the prime minister will be alerted by a phone call from a public official telling him that “London Bridge is down.” Filed Under: Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Your last visit to the hospital?

Funeral plan: What will happen to the plan
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Page Six, revealed that the UK government is preparing for a crisis, with a memo that allegedly warns that London could be overwhelmed or “crowded” by too many people flooding the city to mourn the Queen of England. It was also mentioned that the full scope of the preparations made by the royal family and the BRIDGES Secretariat of the Cabinet Office has already been revealed.

According to the revealed fragments, it is expected that the death of Queen Elizabeth could cause chaos with public transport, food accessibility, surveillance and more. For what public officials and royalty, already take into account what they must do at the time of their departure and what they expect, everything is regulated. Filed Under: Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Plans for Queen Elizabeth’s death are in place

Funeral Plan: A Spontaneous Movement
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To respond to this possibility, “Operation LONDON BRIDGE” calls for a security operation to be implemented to handle the potential overcrowding, according to the plan that was revealed in the documents that Politico has in his possession. At that moment, the operation is expected to work for the purposes that are expected to occur.

The media reported that there is already an outline of the plan also showing that, following the Prime Minister’s official announcement of the Queen’s death, a service in her honor will be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral. At that service, only members of the royal family are expected to enter the venue. Filed Under: Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Some images of this note come from this and this videos