Queen Elizabeth II: Premier League teams make public their condolences on his death

After so much uncertainty about the state of health of queen elizabeth iifrom Buckingham Palace have confirmed the death of the monarch that this 2022 celebrated 70 years on the throne. “Lillibet” died this Thursday in the Balmoral castle located in Scotland. After the announcement, the reactions were immediate and football was not exempt from it.

Multiple Premier League teams They began to make public their condolences to the Royal Family through social networks. The great clubs of England like the Manchester United, Manchester City and the organization itself were the first to speak out.

What will happen to the Premier League?

In the world of football there would also be repercussions for the death of queen elizabeth ii. Despite not being official, there was talk that the organization of the tournament would suspend the seventh day of English football. In this sense, if it materializes, it would be another historic interruption of the tournament. The Premier League has only been suspended twice in history; the first was during Second World Warwhile the second was produced by the coronavirus impact.

What was Queen Elizabeth II’s team?

Soccer was connected to Queen Elizabeth II. It was publicly known that “Lillibet” had a certain affinity with Arsenal. In fact, the “Gunner” ensemble was received by the queen at the Buckingham Palace in 2007.

More reactions from Premier League clubs