Quintana Roo remains with moderate figures in cases of Covid-19

Quintana Roo Until this weekend, it maintains a containment of the high numbers of Covid-19 infections in the last two weeks, a situation that today turns it green at the state epidemiological risk traffic light.

According to the pronouncements of the state governor Carlos Joaquín González, the entity remains firm in maintaining health security protocols in order to avoid contagion among the population, in addition to continuing to implement vaccination days.

In 24 hours, the entity reported 11 new cases and the death of one person, according to the daily technical report it issues. State Health Services (SESA).

Quintana Roo reported until Sunday, February 27, that it has 90,945 positive cases in its accumulated infections since the start of the pandemic, with a total of 4,319 deaths, in addition to having applied 2,752,407 doses against the virus. coronavirus.

Until now, the authorities of Health and the State Governmentcontinue to invite the population to continue respecting the health security measures, so that the green traffic light can continue and thus continue with the economic recovery and social activities in the entity.

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