Quintana Roo will receive more than 200 million pesos for Public Safety

Like every year, the Contribution Fund for Public Safety, FASP, Through the Official Gazette of the Federation, he announced the exact amount of resources that each state will receive to strengthen security. Quintana Roo It was not far behind and as expected, the allocated resource increased compared to 2021.

According to the publication, the agreement with Quintana Roo was 200 million 289 thousand 550 pesos, compared to this year of 192 million 957 thousand 177 pesos, there was an increase in what means that, if compared to this year , there was an increase of 7 million 332 thousand 373 pesos.

It will serve to strengthen security and corporations

Quintana Roo will receive more than 200 million pesos for Public Safety

It is worth mentioning that these resources will be destined to reinforce each municipality of the State in matters of security, such as professionalization, equipping the corporation with weapons and uniforms; among so many objectives, there is also the improvement and strengthening of citizen care through the 9-1-1 emergency number system.

In this sense, if we compare the last four years, 2019 is so far the one that has registered the greatest increase in the resources provided by the FASP. In 2018 Quintana Roo received 175 million 833 thousand 723 pesos, while in 2019 it accepted 185 million 88 thousand 698 pesos, that is, 9 million 254 thousand 975 pesos more than the previous year.

Everything seems to indicate that they want to continue strengthening security in this destination, apparently, after the multiple high-impact events that have occurred in recent months, as in Tulum, Cancun and Puerto Morelos, in areas of beaches and tourist centers; remember that the most famous was what happened in the bar “La Malquerida”, where international tourists were injured and two women died.

Finally, it should be remembered that the most recent investment with the support of the State Goverment, was what they did on December 2 in the municipality of Solidaridad, Playa del Carmen, where the Governor, Carlos Joaquin delivered 199 police units, 99 vans, 20 vehicles and 80 patrol motorcycles, to benefit the tranquility of the solidarity families, as well as the inauguration in Cancun of the Shooting Stand and Vehicle Practice Track.

Quintana Roo will receive more than 200 million pesos for Public Safety

FASP agreements with Quintana Roo 2018 – 2022

  • 2022/200 million 289 thousand 550 pesos.
  • 2021/192 million 957 thousand 177 pesos.
  • 2020/186 million 647 thousand 890 pesos.
  • 2019/185 million 88 thousand 698 pesos.
  • 2018/175 million 833 thousand 723 pesos.

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