Viral video captures customer’s racist attack at Amy’s pizzeria in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

The video of the incident went viral on networks like TikTok and now the authorities in Hatboro are investigating the case.

A viral video on social media networks such as TikTok shows a customer’s racist attack against employees of a Hatboro, Pennsylvania, pizzeria after she detected that the television was showing a Spanish-language program.

Authorities are investigating the incident reported Thursday night at Amy’s Family Pizzeria in the 300 block of South York Road.

“I’ve been in Hatboro for 55 f***ing** years,” the American is heard saying in the video. “And my grandmother and my grandmother before that. So basically, you can say 200 years. You want to have Spanish on your TV?” the woman questions.

“What’s wrong with that?” retorts an employee.

The woman responds, “What’s wrong with that is that you’re not American, dude,” the racist retorts. “I’m going to f and get you the f out of here, cara**. Ok? Fuck***. Give me my money back. I’m not giving my money to an undocumented immigrant,” he continues.

“How do you know if I’m undocumented?” the cashier questions him.

“You’re in the United States,” he adds. “You’re supposed to learn English. You have Spanish on your TV. That’s f*** to Americans, dude. My f***ing father was a World War II veteran, OK? His friends and family died so you could be here today and make money, and you’re going to do this kind of shit,” he posits.

In the recording, the woman is heard insisting on getting a refund. In addition, the female begins to record when she realizes that employees of the venue are recording her.

“We’re calling you a racist because you’re a racist.”

“I’m at Amy’s, and I’m being harassed,” the female customer expresses. “These people at Amy’s are harassing me,” she repeats.

“How are you being harassed?” a worker asks her.

“And because I’m white, they’re recording me,” the stranger adds. “They’re recording me because I’m white. Do you see them? They are calling me a racist because I am white,” she insists.

“No, no, no, no,” responds an employee. “We’re calling you a racist because you’re a racist,” she expounds.

“I am simply asking for a refund because the food is terrible,” the woman argues.

“You said you wanted a refund because the TV was on a Spanish-language program,” the employee points out.

“I want a refund on my credit card, and they’re recording me because I’m white. And none of them are white,” she asks.

“Hello? I’m white too,” the worker points out.

Although police arrived on the scene, the video ended before officers arrived.

Authorities are evaluating the footage, although they have not released the suspect’s identity. There is also no information regarding the filing of charges against her.

Allegedly, the woman has been falsely identified by internet users, so investigators are trying to establish her legitimate identity.

For his part, the business owner told NBC 10 he was saddened by the incident, the first of its kind reported in the area.

“You don’t expect things like this,” he said. “I know some people are upset because they have to wait so long for food. There was something wrong with the food. But things like that, it’s unreal,” he considered.