Radizonate test Octavio Ocaña, actor from Vecinoas, came out negative

  • The sodium radizonate test performed on the actor, Octavio Ocaña, was negative
  • They explain reasons for this result and what will happen in the next few days
  • Prosecutor’s Office has met with the families to present expert opinions

The sodium radizonate test performed on the actor, Octavio Ocaña, actor from ‘Necinos’, came out negative, because the blood that the young man had on his hands nullified the test that would determine if he fired a firearm, said authorities of the Prosecutor’s Office General of Justice of the State of Mexico, when responding to the questions of the actor’s family and his lawyers, according to information from the El Universal agency and the Publimeter portal.

As of November 5, the Mexican Public Prosecutor’s Office has met on more than three occasions with relatives of the ‘Vecinos’ actor and his lawyers, to show the result of dozens of expert opinions on ballistics, chemistry, photography, criminology, mechanics of events and injuries, among others, reported Mexican authorities.


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Among the questions raised by the actor’s family and his lawyers is that the young man could not shoot himself because the sodium radizonate test came out negative and this happened because the blood that Octavio Ocaña had on his hands nullified this substance that leaves a shot , which was present in his clothes and cap, sources from the Prosecutor’s Office pointed out.

Blood, as well as urine and ammonia, among other substances, nullify the sodium radizonate tests, which show whether a person fired a firearm, indicated sources close to the investigation into the death of the actor, who according to images broadcast in a video, after receiving the bullet impact he had blood on his hands.


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The expert hired by the Pérez Ocaña family, informed authorities of the Mexican Public Prosecutor’s Office, is going to deliver an expert opinion to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, however this private staff will have to prove their credentials and certifications as well as the scientific method used in each one. of his tests, so that his report is integrated into the investigation folder for the death of the young actor known for his character of “Benito.”

It should be remembered that on October 31, 22-year-old Ocaña died after a pursuit by municipal police from Cuautitlán Izcalli, who ordered the crew of a silver-colored Jeep truck to stop, which was driven by Octavio Ocaña, who was accompanied of two friends and ended up crashing on a hill. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Radizonate Test


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After the publication of this information and for the first time, Eduardo Elías, who identified himself as the best friend of the late actor, spoke to the media about the interpreter of ‘Benito Rivers’ in the series ‘Neighbors’ and caused astonishment by Some anecdotes that he lived with him, he also shared some anecdotes for the followers of the young man who would turn 23 and who was also already engaged to marry.

According to a publication of the news portal of Channel 44, Elías met the actor at the end of a llanero soccer game in which both were opponents, so he went to ask him to take a picture with him, however, the talk ended for convincing the artist to join his new friend’s team and from there it was all camaraderie. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Radizonate Test


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As time went by, soccer united them more and at the end of each game, they shared and lived together, but then those meetings moved to the family environment, they all met and from there nobody stopped them. Elías comments that he managed to have a beautiful friendship with the ‘Neighbors’ actor, so he considers himself lucky to have met him.

But beyond that, the artist’s friend revealed what ‘Benito Rivers’ really was like when he was off camera: “I could talk a thousand things about him, everything that happened marked me and he told me… it was funny because he was a person who He would get angry very quickly, but suddenly you made him laugh and he would forget ”, so he remembers it with great affection today. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Radizonate Test


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Elías confessed that soccer was the activity that united them the most, but also highlighted that the actor from ‘Necinos’ was a very humanistic person, he liked to help other people: “He really liked helping people, his parents, to his sisters, it was a very beautiful facet when he changed his personality with Nery ”, he said, visibly proud.

But what surprised him the most was that the actor had a very strange gesture with him every time he finished a football game, because the actor left his shirts in his backpack, so he believes, that was a way of saying goodbye and until passed away, he understood what that meant. He also revealed that ‘Benito Rivers’ likes work a lot and other activities just for the sake of doing them. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Radizonate Test


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The young man explains that he met him in 2016 and confessed that the artist always told him that he was his best friend, and that is how he expressed it: “The only thing we needed was to have the same blood, but for me you are my brother He was very cheerful, he was always laughing, making jokes, he annoyed me, with his fans he was always very kind and grateful, he never denied a photo, suddenly he invited me to his graduations, I met him as a family, at work ”.

The young man commented that they always laughed when he told the ‘Neighbors’ actor that he was everything, chef, soccer player, boxer, hairdresser, mechanic, this because ‘Benito Rivers’ did everything, which is why admired more. He says that he was the first one he turned to when something happened to him and asked for his opinion on the situation he was experiencing at the time.


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But what most caught the attention of some people was that the best friend of the ‘Necinos’ actor said that Nerea Godínez, the artist’s ex-fiancée, was a good woman, from home and very responsible, which is why she made her a better person. The TV ‘star’ said that he was happy to know that his friend was happy with that relationship and that he was always supportive.

He also commented that ‘Benito Rivers’ liked to cook a lot and that Octavio Ocaña sometimes called him to invite him to roast meats or hamburgers with his family. As if this were not enough, he says that almost every day they spent together, had breakfast, went to the gym, went out for a walk and sometimes even slept.

Octavio Ocaña radizonate test: “IF YOU WANT IT, YOU HAVE TO SEE THAT JUSTICE IS DONE”

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After this video of the friend, a person commented: “Kevin Nasevilla the children of light love Octavio Ocaña! God will do justice! You just have to wait with hope and a lot of faith that it will finally come, although it will take time! Don’t let anyone steal your joy of living! Because the children of light one day we will meet again! The wicked will disappear, but the children of light will inherit the land of peace and justice forever live and enjoy life believing that the Lord will give them victory! Psalms 34! Blessings!

Then there was a person who questioned him that if he was the best friend of the actor from ‘Neighbors’, he was not going with him that day: “Kevin Nasevilla And why didn’t you go with him that day? You can also know if the people who went with him instead of helping him sunk him. Who were they, friends of his or his father? If you really want it, you have to see that justice is served ”.

Octavio Ocaña radizonate test: WHAT DID YOU WISH TO THE ACTOR’S BEST FRIEND?

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Some more people joined the friend’s pain and expressed it this way: “Kevin Nasevilla I will miss Benito Rivers very much. I did not have the opportunity to meet the person, but if in the ‘Neighbors’ program, hopefully justice will be done for Octavio Ocaña ”,“ Kevin Nasevilla, that’s how he will always be our child, our Benito and someone who won our hearts, a great human being God keep it in his memory ”.

“Kevin Nasevilla I know what it’s like to lose a friend. A year ago I lost a great friend and I know what it feels like. God have him in his glory and prompt resignation “,” that you think Kevin has friends or celebrities, labeling them. It doesn’t seem like it, because he clearly says his name and you can see the photo that is not Kevin and it says Octavio’s best friend ”, asked another person.


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Although many people questioned him, they supported him: “Everything that he tells is truly heard is sincere, that he knew him in his different facets and you can see what Octavio really was, how all of us had his mistakes, but I don’t think they were serious and neither were what he deserved to be made of that baseness, what beautiful memories and anecdotes of a person who was like any other, imperfect, but because he was such, he won the affection of many people ”.

Some more commented: “Of course you are a beautiful person because those videos that were uploaded did not mean anything, only he had fun, he was a happy boy who matured over time, withdrawing from things by shooting on the hill, that is not there is nothing wrong with having fun with his friends, yes he drank well, it matters all of us at some point we have done just because it was recorded, no that doesn’t mean anything ”. Filed Under: Octavio Ocaña Radizonate Test

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