Rafael Amaya actor assures social networks would have died

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  • They assure that the actor Rafael Amaya, who rose to fame for playing the character of Aurelio Casillas, would have died
  • “God willing and it’s just a rumor”, you can read in one of the comments

Rafael Amaya‘s life took a 180-degree turn when he played the character of Aurelio Casillas on the Telemundo series El Señor de los Cielos, but turned into hell when he fell into the world of addictions. Now, it is assured on social networks that the Mexican actor would have died.

It was in Twitter that the rumor began to spread that the actor had taken his own life: “What Rafael Amaya took his own life ??? God willing and it’s just a rumor… ”, you can read in one of the comments on this popular social network.

Rafael Amaya, did he die?

Rafael Amaya, did he die?
Instagram photo Rafael Amaya

Given the seriousness of this issue, the rumor of the death of the Mexican actor was immediately denied, who in recent months had a very sad episode when he was recorded totally confused on the streets of Tijuana in Mexico, where he claimed that someone was chasing him.

Marco Antonio Silva, entertainment journalist, shared the following message on his social networks: “Telemundo denies that Rafael Amaya took his own life as mentioned in some social networks. Executives from the television station regret that there are people with such a bad heart ”.

It would have been an “apparent suicide”

It would have been a "apparent suicide"
Photo Instagram Rafael Amaya

After he was admitted, in 2020, for his problems with drugs and alcohol in one of the rehabilitation clinics of former boxer Julio César Chávez, Mexican actor Rafael Amaya has resumed his artistic career, although he ran into the rumor that he “would have committed suicide.”

In addition to the statement that Telemundo shared, the youtuber Dael Quiroz from Arguende TV confirmed that the information about the actor’s death was false: “Telemundo is sending a statement denying the death of Rafael Amaya, and according to the statement, on social networks, specifically on Twitter, an apparent suicide of the protagonist of ‘The Lord of the Skies’ was being handled ”.

Rafael Amaya does not give ‘signs of life’

Rafael Amaya does not give 'signs of life'
Photo Instagram Rafael Amaya

Despite his almost 3 million followers, only on Instagram, Rafael Amaya does not usually share his publications frequently. In the most recent, he appears with the renowned journalist José Díaz-Balart, to whom he dedicated the following message:

“Thank you, my friend, for your wisdom, your advice, your generosity, your unconditional friendship, I always listen to you, always, infinite thanks! José Díaz-Balart ”, wrote the Mexican actor in this publication that he made on June 12 (Filed under: They assure in social networks that the actor Rafael Amaya would have died).

Grateful to Telemundo

Grateful to Telemundo
Photo Instagram Rafael Amaya

A few days before his last publication, Rafael Amaya shared a text in which he said that he had signed a contract with Telemundo to participate in various projects, although his fans hope that he will once again play Aurelio Casillas in El Señor de los Cielos.

“I am very grateful and honored to return to the Telemundo family, which has always supported and believed in me, creating original stories of the best quality, bringing the best of the best in entertainment to the public and to all of you, thank you for waiting! We started! Giddy Up!”.

Rafael Amaya declared himself ready to return to the forums

Rafael Amaya declared himself ready to return to the forums
Photo: Reform Agency

Rafael Amaya is back on the small screen after signing a contract with Telemundo Global Studios to star in several of his future productions. The Mexican actor, known for his participation in The Lord of the Skies and The Queen of the South, will make his first television appearance in one of those projects later this year.

“It is an honor to be able to work once again with Rafael Amaya, one of the most recognized and talented Latino actors in the entertainment industry,” said Karen Barroeta, executive vice president of Production and Development for the US network, in a press release ( Filed under: They assure in social networks that the actor Rafael Amaya would have died).

The actor disappeared for several months from public life

The actor disappeared for several months from public life
Photo: Reform Agency

“This contract reaffirms Telemundo’s commitment to continue working with the best talent in the business and to continue creating innovative original content for Latinos on all of its platforms.” The last time Amaya had collaborated with the entertainment company was in the series El señor de los cielos, where he played the drug trafficker Aurelio Casillas throughout its seven seasons.

While his character was in a coma in the last installment, the actor also disappeared from the public scene, so it was speculated that it was due to differences with Telemundo or an alleged addiction to alcohol and drugs. It was this latest version that was confirmed after Julio César Chávez and Rafael Amaya himself revealed that the Sonoran had been in recovery, in 2020, in one of the former boxer’s rehabilitation centers.

“I was alone for a long time”: Rafael Amaya

"I was lonely for a long time": Rafael Amaya
Photo: Reform Agency

In an interview he gave recently, Rafael Amaya declared that he was resentful of very personal things, in addition to that little by little he was submerged in the dark mud of alcohol and drugs, but that would not be all.

“I have been living all the possible excesses that have been and have been. I was alone for a long time, doing a lot of harm to my loved ones, my friends, my colleagues and the public as well ”, commented the actor in that revealing interview (Filed under: They assure on social networks that the actor Rafael Amaya would have died).

“Drugs are death”

"Drugs are death"
Photo: Reform Agency

Rafael Amaya, the former protagonist of The Lord of the Skies, spoke for the first time about his addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the rehabilitation process he is going through: work or with anything. Drugs are death ”, he expressed in an interview with People magazine in Spanish.

“Basically I lost a lot of things, I lost my inner peace, the love I had for my family, for my work. I didn’t want any kind of commitment to anything or anyone. I was resentful of very personal things and little by little I was submerged in the dark mud of alcohol and drugs.

Rafael Amaya ‘hit rock bottom’

Rafael Amaya 'hit rock bottom'
Photo: Reform Agency

Thanks to his role as Aurelio Casillas in the Telemundo production, Amaya achieved international fame, but towards the end of the seventh season recordings, in 2019, he disappeared. The rumors that circulated for months of his addictions are now confirmed. The interpreter assured that he hit rock bottom eight months ago, after traveling through various places, hiding and without giving explanations to anyone.

“I felt that I had lost everything, I even felt that my life was worthless, that it had been a mistake to have been an actor, that fame did not help me at all. Now I see that the fame and the closeness that I can have with people is something positive ”.

“I was blinded by the dark cloak of drug addiction”

"I was blinded by the dark cloak of drug addiction"
Photo: Reform Agency

In addition to his family, the actor had the support of his compadre and colleague Roberto Tapia, who has supported him in his detoxification process: “I am a human being, I am not a robot. I got carried away by alcohol, banalities, excesses, I lived a life of excesses. And if it hadn’t been for my colleagues and the clinic, I wouldn’t have been able to get ahead.

“I didn’t know that I had such beautiful people around me, that there were people who loved me so much and appreciated me. I was blind, I was blinded by the dark cloak of drug addiction and now I feel that the blindfold was removed and I am deeply grateful to all people and to God, ”he admitted (With information from Agencia Reforma).

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