Rafael Araneda went to the hospital for one thing and ended up hospitalized and operated on for another: this is his story

Although for most parents in Latin America, their day was a celebration, the case of Raphael Araneda was different because he ended up in a hospital operating room.

Through his Instagram account, the driver revealed that he went to the hospital to treat respiratory tract problems. His admission to the medical facility happened during Father’s Day weekend. Still, when the doctors confronted the corresponding tests, they realized that something else needed urgent treatment, and his problem was even more complex.

“The first thing is to wish you a happy father’s day. I will tell you about my absence at @enamorandonosusa and @radiopudahuel. I was already feeling bad and had unusual throat pain last Wednesday. Summary: the doctor sends me to the hospital to reduce the infection and hydrate myself, and a little surprise appears in one of the tests: a polyp to remove. And yesterday to the operating room, everything went very well, and I have had the necessary care”.

He continues: “Nothing to be alarmed about or exaggerate. It is something my body has known since years ago. I had already had the same surgery due to some systemic condition. It was the product of my hyper allergies and had repeated over the years. So it was. And here we go, grateful to be better in a short time, sore but well, super well cared for, and surrounded by love. This is just so you know why you won’t see me some days, and if you do see me, it will be silent movie style.”

Likewise, the Chilean informed his followers that, due to this surgical procedure, he would be absent from the subsequent broadcasts of the program Enamorandonos. He would focus completely on his complete recovery and be able to return to the forum very soon.

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The good news is that there is a date for his return. It was also through Instagram that he gave this information, although still without saying a word from his mouth: “Today in silence and only with gestures and texts, I went to greet the incredible team of @enamorandonosusa and also participate for a few minutes at the beginning of the show with @anapatriciatv @milynette @pietro.pizzorni @loscupidosband @laleiromusic @marioalain_music Always grateful for the love and to continue the recovery. We return on August 22.”