Rafael Cardozo after asking ‘Cachaza’: “This year I am getting married yes or yes”

Rafael Cardozo placeholder image He reappeared before the cameras of América Televisión to tell details of how the solicitation of Carol Reali, better known as Cachaza, was. As you remember, during his vacation in the Bahamas, the Brazilian proposed to the model after 11 years of relationship.

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“I got down on my knees at 0:00 (on January 1) I chose a very beautiful ring, I have given Carol a beautiful ring. I was trembling ”, He confessed in “More Shows.”

In addition, the former reality boy confessed to feeling very excited about his future wedding with Cachaza. “Now that I gave the ring I have experienced such a beautiful thing that now it does cause me to get married this year I am getting married yes or yes”, Held.

On the other hand, Cardozo commented that he would love to become a father again. “We never talk about it, but I would like it very much. I have my daughter Rafaella, but I couldn’t enjoy her much (…) But I would love to ”, Cardozo declared, notoriously enthusiastic.

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In addition, during the interview, Rafael did not rule out that his wedding with Cachaza is broadcast on television.


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