Rafaella steals the spotlight at Rio Carnival, while Neymar’s PSG future remains uncertain

Neymar's sister Rafaella steals the spotlight at Rio Carnival with her stunning performance, while PSG's future remains uncertain amidst injury woes.

Neymar’s sister Rafaella became one of the main attractions of the Académicos Salgueiro parade at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Soon to be 27 years old, she dazzled with her grace and a costume made from a bright red bikini, accompanied by a large red and gold crown and feathers coming out of the back. She arrived with just enough to participate in the big party in Brazil: she had previously undergone liposuction.

“I was scheduled, so I talked to the president of Salgueiro. I told him I wouldn’t be able to make it to the rehearsal, but since I love the group, he received me so well that I told him I would make an effort. And here I am,” Raffaella said in statements reported by The Sun. For now, Ney’s presence at the carnivals was reduced to his activity on social networks. The event is taking place at a key moment in PSG’s season, with the team leading Ligue 1 but with an irregular performance, eliminated from the Coupe de France and 1-0 down in the Champions League round of 16 series.

On top of that, the 31-year-old striker suffered a sprained right ankle in the 4-3 win over Lille, in which he scored a goal. And while “tests have ruled out a break,” Paris Saint-Germain said in an official statement, a new report on Tuesday said there was “ligament damage. The fear in the team of the French capital is that he will not be fit for the rematch against Bayern Munich in Germany, scheduled for March 8, since his recovery would take between three and four weeks.

Another postcard from Rafaella, before the show
Another postcard from Rafaella before the show

Each time he was injured around this time, Neymar managed to get a leave of absence to travel to Rio and be at the carnivals. Will he make it to the match against the Bavarians? And if not, will he be allowed to travel to Brazil with the weather so hot? This situation developed while the French media claimed that PSG was considering the end of the Mbappé-Neymar-Messi era.

The French media RMC assured that the sporting director, Luis Campos, is already quietly working on the future team, and some of the members of the decision-making table are evaluating “dismantling” the trident. And Neymar would be the first to leave. A week ago, the information of a meeting between PSG and Chelsea executives leaked in which the Brazilian’s name was on the table. However, as reported by UOL, the footballer would have warned the club’s management of his desire to fulfill the contract, which ends in 2027.

Meanwhile, although he cannot be present at the Sambadrome, Ney monitors his sister’s happiness via Instagram: he “Liked” some of her photos of her great performance with Académicos do Salgueiro.


Ney's sister had liposuction before going out on the track
Ney’s sister had liposuction before going out on the track
On March 11, he will be 27 years old.
On March 11, she will be 27 years old.
He could not participate in the rehearsals of the Scola do Samba, but he still paraded
She could not participate in the rehearsals of the Scola do Samba, but she still paraded
The woman is habitué in the carnivals
The woman is habitué in the carnivals
Rafaella and Ney are very close
Rafaella and Ney are very close