Rain falls only on a car and the strange phenomenon goes viral

A video taken a couple of days ago in a parking lot In Indonesia It has caused astonishment among users of social networks and has gone viral because it shows a strange phenomenon that seems to have been taken from the movie “The Matrix”.

It turns out that someone captured the exact moment it started to rain in the parking lot. Perhaps this is nothing special; however, in the video you can clearly see raindrops in a dense way only on a black car while no water fell on the rest of the vehicles that were around.

The fact was captured by the driver of the car on which it was raining and even pointed his cell phone camera towards the sky to show that what was happening was real and it was not a trick of any kind.

According to some explanations, this peculiar phenomenon it’s called ultra-localized rain and it is known that even at a distance of less than one meter, not a drop of rain may fall.

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