Rap videos on social networks feed armed violence: New York mayor asks to ban them “like Trump”

Seeking to combat the wave of guns on all fronts, New York Mayor Eric Adams yesterday urged social media to ban rap videos that glorify and promote violence., just as they did with the controversial former president Donald Trump.

The mayor’s request came a day after he delivered an emotional speech at City Hall about the short life of 18-year-old rapper Jayquan McKenley (Chii Wvttz), shot to death in Bedford-Stuyvesant last Sunday, the second such case in less than a week.

Previously, in January, a 16-year-old rapper with a history of violent videos shot a police officer in the Bronx, days before two Hispanic NYPD officers were gunned down in Harlem.

Adams said yesterday that he was unfamiliar with the style of rap that tends to have dark and violent themes, with lyrics that often include killing with semi-automatic weapons, until he talked to his son, Jordan Coleman, who works at Jay-Z’s Roc-Nation. “My son sent me videos. It was alarming.” the mayor commented.

My son sent me videos. It was alarming”

Eric Adams, Mayor of NYC

Adams, a former NYPD, added that wants to meet with social media companies and tell them to remove rap videos from their platforms. “You have a civic and corporate responsibility,” he told them rhetorically.

As an example, Adams cited that it would be irresponsible to continue to give violent rap music videos a platform after Twitter Banned Former President Donald Trump for posting what it deemed unacceptable and inflammatory content, he said New York Post.

“We took Trump off Twitter because of what he was saying. But nevertheless, we are allowing music [con] weapons show, violence. We allow this to remain on the sites,” Adams said after an unrelated news conference.

He also said that will meet some of the best hip hop artists to talk about the violence promoted by rap, which is “causing the loss of lives of young people like them”.

Facebook/Instagram and Twitter have not commented. Crime has risen in 72 of NYC’s 77 police precincts in 2022, leaving only five zones at 2021 levels or falling below the figures for the same period the previous year.

Following the rise in armed violence in 2020 and 2021, particularly among young gang members and/or victims, 2022 started with the same trendrepresenting a great challenge for the new Adams. According to the latest figures, throughout the city there were 100 shootings last month, a jump from January 2021 when there were 76. Those numbers also show an increase from 2020 and 2019, when there were 67 and 52 shootings, respectively.