Raphy Pina dedicates a beautiful message to Natti Natasha: “I love you and that will never change”

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina – Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Raphy Pina dedicated a beautiful love message to Natti Natasha on International Women’s Day. The music industry entrepreneur used his Instagram account to celebrate the mother of his daughter, Vida Isabelle.

“Good morning. I’ve been off social media for a while. I clarify that I am not hiding, I continue doing what I do every day, this time more focused on what I want for my future no matter what happens. I just want to leave some letters for the person that GOD put me by my side in the 2nd most difficult moment of my life. There will be no way to thank you for what you do every day for me, showing your support with just a smile, you have a desire to overcome any obstacle, to continue with your projects and to raise our beautiful daughter with the GREATEST love in the world. Pina said.

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“Happy Women’s Day to all those people who fight every day despite the circumstances, congratulations to all, especially to THE BEST VERSION that has touched me. Natalia Gutierrez Batista. A woman dedicated to her family, to her projects and to making those around her happy. I love you and that will NEVER change, “continued the Puerto Rican.

He also added: “There is no success in the world greater than HAPPINESS”, and you are #1 thank God. #HappyInternationalWomensDay I will ALWAYS be in your debt ALWAYS.”

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It is scheduled that this April 1 Raphy Pina will receive the final verdict of the trial in which he was found guilty of illegal possession of weapons by a federal convict. Since December 22, 2021, the businessman has had to wear an electronic shackle and remain under house arrest.

“God willing and that this is not my last post. This process has not been easy but believe me that for what is in these photos I am going to the last consequences. I have faith and I know that God knows my heart, my dedication and my position, ”Pina had said on his Instagram account before being found guilty.

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Throughout this process, Pina has been accompanied by Natti Natasha. She accompanied him to court, where Daddy Yankee also attended to show his support.

“Thanks to that public with the blessings, and that they are praying for him. We are here for him, to see what is determined, but with God ahead, whatever the decision may be, we know that God is in the processes and we are going to go ahead, “said Daddy Yankee on that occasion.

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