Raphy Pina: This was his last publication before surrendering to justice

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina, parents of Vida Isabelle

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Raphy Pina was sentenced this May 24, by the authorities of Puerto Rico, to 41 months in prison for illegal possession of weapons. The music industry businessman, after leaving the trial, had until 3:00 pm to surrender voluntarily.

Pina took advantage of the time she had left in freedom to say goodbye to Vida Isabelle, the daughter he has with his partner, reggaeton singer Natti Natasha, his loved ones and his followers on social networks, platforms on which he shared his entire process and on which he constantly posted issues related to his personal life.

The last publication that Pina made before surrendering to the justice of her native country was a photograph on Vida Isabelle’s 1st birthday, which was held last weekend and to which he was able to attend due to a special permit that was granted to him, since Pina was under house arrest.

In the image The businessman appears with Natti Natasha, Vida Isabelle, and their three eldest children: Mia, Monty and Chingui. All dressed in the theme of the birthday party of the smallest of the family, farm type.

A red heart is the only thing that Pina added in the text of this image that has already reached more than 318,000 likes and more than 6,350 comments.

Most of the messages that the Puerto Rican received in this publication are from people who express their support for him at this time in his life. Before the sentence was knownPina had been confident that everything would work out for him.

He attended the court in the company of his partner, Natti Natasha, and his three eldest children. Likewise, Daddy Yankee was present at the scene to give his support to the businessman.

The Puerto Rican artist, through his social networks, sent a message after the conviction: “There are people who are free but live in jail and there are people who are in jail but are free. It’s all a matter of mentality as I told you. This is just a learning moment. We go forward and forward 24/7 with wisdom and meekness”, wrote Daddy Yankee on his Instagram account by posting a photo in which he appears with Pina and Vida Isabelle, on the little girl’s first birthday.

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