Rapper Chuty’s International Title Win After Six-Year Absence and Eliminating Three-Time Champion Aczino

Overcoming past failures, Chuty claims victory at the Red Bull International Finals, defeating Aczino and Fat N to solidify his legacy.

After years of heartbreak and controversy, Spanish freestyle rapper Chuty finally claimed the one prize that had eluded him—the Red Bull International Finals championship belt.

The 32-year-old hip hop artist, whose real name is Sergio Castro Gisbert, defeated 17-year-old Colombian phenomenon Fat N in Saturday’s finals to cap a dramatic tournament run. But the victory that captured the hip hop world’s attention came in the quarterfinals, when Chuty dethroned 3-time champion Aczino in a long-awaited battle between the world’s top MCs.

Years Of Close Calls

Chuty burst onto the freestyle scene in his late teens, quickly earning a reputation for his witty wordplay and vicious punchlines. He dominated competitions in his native Spain, winning three Red Bull Spain championships in four years.

But the international stage proved more difficult for the brash young rapper from Madrid. He failed to make the podium in his first three appearances at the Red Bull International Finals, losing an excruciating judges’ decision to countryman Jony Beltrán in 2013 and experiencing more heartbreak against countryman Yenky One in 2017.

The setbacks led a frustrated Chuty to walk away from competition in 2018 at age 27. Meanwhile, Mexican rap icon Aczino cemented his status as the king of freestyle battling, winning three straight international championships from 2017-2019.

The Road To Redemption

After a three-year hiatus, Chuty announced his return to the game in 2021. He promptly won back-to-back Spanish Red Bull titles in dominant fashion, proving he hadn’t lost a step during his sabbatical.

With his Spanish dominance reestablished, all eyes turned to the 2023 Red Bull International Finals in Bogota. Chuty would finally get his long-awaited shot at the global crown—and Aczino.

The Mexican champ stoked the rivalry flames before the tournament, questioning in interviews whether Chuty could handle the pressure of the international stage. “Maybe as Chuty has not been much in the internationals he does not know how to behave and does not know how to act in these cases,” Aczino told reporters.

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Chuty responded simply: “I answer to those who talk to me, but not to those who talk about me.”

Judgment Day

The showdown between the two titans took place in the jam-packed Movistar Arena in Bogota, with thousands of freestyle fans exploding with excitement. Chuty took the stage first, unleashing a ruthless offensive against the reigning champ. His machine-gun flow and pointed references to Aczino’s comments had the crowd in a frenzy. Chuty concluded his blistering barrage by proclaiming himself the rightful king of Spanish-language rap battling.

When Aczino took the stage for his rebuttal, the noise was deafening. But the three-time champ was clearly affected by both Chuty’s bravado and the bloodthirsty audience. The king had no answer for Chuty’s verbal blows, failing to match his intensity.

In a shocking twist, the judges unanimously declared Chuty the winner, abruptly ending Aczino’s streak of six straight appearances in the global finals. Later that night, Aczino confirmed the loss marked his final appearance in the competition after a dominant 10-year run.

Meanwhile, Chuty continued his rampage, defeating Argentina’s Mecha in a close semifinal clash to reach the tournament finale versus teenage phenom Fat N. With the Colombian crowd firmly behind their countryman, Chuty refused to be denied, using his trademark swagger and wordplay mastery to finally claim the one trophy missing from his glittering resume.

Cementing A Legacy

With his three national Red Bull crowns and countless other titles, Chuty had already marked himself as a Spanish freestyle legend before Bogota. But by taking down rival Aczino on rap’s biggest stage, he cemented his status as one of the greatest MCs of his era.

In Sheer competitive dominance combined with his brash persona and technical wizardry on the mic have earned Chuty global stardom and respect across hip-hop culture. And at 32, the newly crowned Red Bull champ shows no signs of slowing down.

Chuty will defend his title on home soil next year as the 2024 Red Bull International Finals heads to Madrid’s Wizink Center. And the returning conqueror has already issued a warning: Competitors beware because the reign of “God” has only just begun.