Rapper Fetty Wap’s daughter, Lauren Maxwell, dies

  • Daughter of rapper singer Fetty Wap dies
  • Lauren Maxwell was only four years old
  • It was a product of the love that the rapper and Turquesa Miami have for each other

A terrible news has been released in the entertainment world: The daughter of rapper singer Fetty Wap dies, little Lauren Maxwell was only four years old, the news portal The Sun reported today.

The little girl was born in 2017 and was the product of the love that the rapper and Turquesa Miami had for each other, a renowned artist for being an American dancer and musical artist who is also in show business.


Rapper's daughter dies
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The information so far is not completely complete, since the precise causes of his death are not known, but the tragic information began to circulate on social networks, which keeps all fans in suspense.

Willie Junior Maxwell, better known as Fetty Wap, is a songwriter who achieved success with his 2015 single Trap Queen reached number two on the US Billboard Hot 10, and has been known for it ever since.

Rapper’s daughter dies: WHO IS THE RAPPER?

Fetty wap
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According to the publication, Fetty Wap, 30, has been in a relationship with Turquesa Miami for about three years. She is a model, dancer, and entertainer who gained popularity when she began dating rapper Fetty.

She has a song called Trap B *** that was released in 2018 and is known in the entertainment world, but it has not had a great impact as the rapper composer with whom she had the girl had at the time with his success.


The most curious thing is that for a month rumors have circulated that the girl would have died, however nothing official had been done so far that on social networks it was said that it is already a fact.

Through social networks it was already said or that people said between rumors: “So the news of the death of Fetty Wap’s daughter was true,” wrote one person. “RIP princess”, they wrote with some sadness for his departure. Filed Under: Rapper’s Daughter Dies

Rapper’s daughter dies: DESCONSOLADO

Father’s Day was the last time the rapper posted a photo of his daughter Fetty Wap posted photos of his children, including his now-deceased daughter Lauren Maxwell, on Instagram on Father’s Day and caused tenderness on social media.

In the post, the singer and composer published the following phrase verbatim: “Pieces of my heart … They are about anything or anyone”. Now he has to face the death of his little daughter and he is heartbroken. Filed Under: Rapper’s Daughter Dies

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