Raquel Bigorra defended Chabelo for the photo in which she posed with a young woman

Raquel Bigorra recalled the uncomfortable moment that happened because of a photograph of Chabelo that went viral (Photo: Instagram @ rbigorra // Cuartoscuro)

Five years ago Xavier López, Chabelo, was singled out for allegedly having initiated a romantic relationship with a young woman next to which he was photographed. Although at the time the rumor was denied, Rachel Bigorra He defended the actor and spoke about how the famous photograph that circulated on social networks came about.

Rauqel Bigorra, who said he was very close to Friend of all children, he was sincere in the program First hand about her relationship with the actor, whom she met 15 years ago during the show she was hosting, Night TV. Their talks would have been so entertaining that they managed to establish a friendship.

The presenter assured that Chabelo He was always a person she enjoyed working with because of the way he treated her and how professional he was, as well as motivating her to continue her career in the media.

When talking about his close friendship with the protagonist of Chabelo and Pepito, Raquel recalled the bad times she had faced with him, for that reason she mentioned what happened with the photograph in which she is seen Xavier López with a young woman and that it was taken during a party that Bigorra organized in 2017.

chabelo and his girlfriend meme
Raquel Bigorra had to deny the rumors about the photo, while the young woman assured that it had become a meme forever (Photo: screenshot / Twitter)

He is divine. One time I had a shame, because once in the house, it is ChabeloImagine, it’s the holidays and then it’s late (…) someone always comes who wants to take a picture with him and everything, he always says yes to everyone and sometimes I feel sorry because people upload the photo. I always I try to take care of it and that you feel as a family. And he, even if he is in the middle of the party, he takes the photo, because he he is a lord“Commented the driver.

And it is that after the young woman who took the picture with the presenter of In Family with Chabelo shared the image on social networks, it went viral and memes emerged that reinforced the version that López had ended his marriage in order to start a new romance, but several people denied the controversy.

Raquel Bigorra and the same protagonist of the image would have had to talk about the background of the image and, according to the magazine TV NotesHe even assured that these rumors had already affected his career.

Raquel Bigorra with Chabelo
The host shared her 85th birthday with “Chabelo” (Photo: Instagram / @ rbigorra)

On the other hand, Raquel also shared how is her relationship with Teresita miranda, the wife of Chabelo. “My Tere is the best, I I love her as if she were my mom. It is something very cool, that outside of work we can share. Cataphixia. There he has us among the balloons, we play games, we run. They are good good people, “he commented.

Through her social networks, the Cuban usually shares photos with Xavier López, with whom she celebrates birthdays, Christmas and other special parties.

Bigorra also defended López from the rumors that circulate on social networks about the actor, because contrary to what is believed, he said that he is a kind person. And it is that recently some interviews have been taken up where Internet users point out that Chabelo He behaved rudely to reporters, even avoiding questions or answering them angrily.

Such was the encounter that Friend of all children he was doing a press conference for his Christmas staging, when a communicator asked him what he would have for dinner at Christmas and he answered “some poop tacos”.


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